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    Help sick feral cat

    Please take her to a vet. If you can not, can you find a local rescue group to help her?
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    Taking care of premature kitten and cat currently in labor?

    You ou might also give the mom cat a saucer of KMR for the extra calories, protein, and minerals for her milk production. Please keep us updated!
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    Is she prego or normal looking?

    Time for a vet check. Deworming, vaccines, and preggers determination!
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    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    A question for our northern neighbors. What are the traditional Thanksgiving dishes? Entres and desert s, please. And side dishes! Enquiring minds want to know!
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    Comments on catwalking

    Tell folks you left your dog in the rain. Not only did it shrink, but it changed species!
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    What to feed him for Winter?

    @MoonstoneWolf has an excellent suggestion! Feed him kitten dry and canned food! Kitten grade food has a higher calorie and protein content than adult grade food. Plus buy the dry form of Kitten Milk Replacement m(KMR). Not the Hartz brand. Give him that instead of cow's milk. He also needs...
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    Is 1/4 cup of food enough for a 3 month kitten?

    Normal kittens, up to one year old, should be permitted o eat as much as they want. First they continuing to grow during that period, and second, they are hyper active. Ask your vet if you can feed your kitten more wet food. Kitten grade. Keep us updated! Please!
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    how can I get my cat to stop stealing my food?

    What is your cat's history? Was he in a food limited environment? Was he previously fed human food? Maybe feed him a half hour or so before you eat? Maybe free feed him kibble, then give him canned food once or twice a day?
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    Deaf cat wants to be outside

    Maybe try fitting him with a harness that you can hook to a leash and take him out for some outdoor time? A walk? Good luck!
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    Caring for an Orange Cat

    After the snip, it will take a week or so for the testosteron levels to recede. The vet should be able to give a better timeline. So he may still spray for a few days. After it levels off, he won't be as prone to wander about. ("Looking for love in all the wrong places.") Keep us updated.I...
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    My new kitten is very skittish

    Let him come to you. Don't pick him up or put him in your lap. Maybe get a wand feather toy to play with him. Toss him a treat occasionally.
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    My new family member is pregnant; what should I feed her?

    There are also kitten grade tinned varieties. You might feed her those if you can find them. All, buy a powdered form of Kitten Milk Replacement, KMR. Then give her a saucer or two a day. You should feed mom cat kitten grade food as long as she is pregnant or nursing the kittens. She needs the...
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    pregrant stray cat what to do

    Feed the mother to be kitten food kibble/wet, plus a saucer or two of Kitten Milk Replacement (KMR) everyday as long as she is pregnant or nursing her kittens. Please provide updates! Goo0d lunch ck on bringing in mom cat.
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    Cat bullying kitten

    Have at least two litter boxes! The aggressor cat can only guard one! Put them in different rooms. Good luck and provide updates!
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    Just trapped 1 y/o feral kitty-thinking of socializing her...

    Please don't return her to the outdoors! What are you doing with your other cats? A pet sitter?
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    Cat with rear leg cast, Advice please

    Could you keep him in a bathroom with his food and litter? For a few days until he acclimates to the cast? Maybe call the vet to see if his activity is any threat to his leg healing? Maybe the vet could provide a mild sedative or tranquilizer to slow him down? Keep us updated, please!
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    Unconventional food

    You might try feeding him Kitten Milk Replacement (KMR). Buy the dry form, then you can just mix up what you need.
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    I found a feral semi-feral kitten

    Catch and releasing the kitten will only make it run from you. Don't try to catch the kitten again until you are ready to take it with you!
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    Mom cat dissapeared without a trace for no reason

    First, have you rescued the kitten? Second, how do you know the manager is poisoning the cats? I don't think that is legal. Check will th Animal Control t o see if they picked up Angel.
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    Stray kitten

    There is also a litter called "Cat Attract". You just put one or two inches on top of your regular litter. You might try keeping the garage door closed with the litter box situated well away from his bed/sleeping area and food and water. Given no alternative, he might use the litter box...