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  1. The Goodbye Bird

    The "Moment"

    A long time ago me and the wife were watching The Boondocks on late night television and they described a behaviour (though they weren't talking about cats) called a "moment." If you don't know the reference I'm going to leave it out as most of you will probably consider it offensive, mainly...
  2. The Goodbye Bird

    Dog Weirds Me Out

    I've had cats all my life and even worked with exotic cats and other exotics, but this is the first dog I've owned (a juvenile labrador). It wiggles when approached and appears that it cannot control the motion of its body. When approached it also makes grunting or even squealing, almost...
  3. The Goodbye Bird

    Eating Babies - How Often?

    How often have you experienced a queen killing and/or eating her young? One of the places I've reserved a foundation cat from, I was eyeing a nice litter of newborns whose parents were both just what I'm looking for as far as type and ear set. Queen killed some of them. There are barely any...
  4. The Goodbye Bird

    I Think I Might be Chocolate-Blind

    I'm having a hard time telling chocolate tabbies from regular tabbies that are warm in colour. Someone recently posted this picture of a pile of tabby cats that are all genetically the same colour: Regular (black) tabby. Cat A is a warm tabby and Cat B has the least warmth of the group. I...
  5. The Goodbye Bird

    Outside to Inside

    I've always kept my cats as indoor-only. However, in my experience there is simply no way to make an outside kitty an inside kitty. He will always insist that he should have outside privileges, no matter how long you keep him inside. I would go so far as to say trying to transition one is cruel...
  6. The Goodbye Bird

    Vacant Kitten

    I've been looking at a lot of random cats lately to get an idea of the types of cats that exist and check to see if there are new mutations that haven't been discovered yet. I've seen a lot of these weird, vacant kittens. Are they vision-impaired?
  7. The Goodbye Bird

    Cat Refusing Tuna Juice: A Cautionary Tale

    I decided to post it here since this is more about how cats act than what you should or shouldn't feed them. I'm sure there's somebody on this site who has the ultimate perfect information that you shouldn't feed your cats tuna juice but I would personally see that as derailing because this is...
  8. The Goodbye Bird

    Freefeeding vs Food Restriction

    I've never personally seen an intact obese cat and this leads me to the conclusion that it's probably not necessary to food restrict intact cats at all unless they are especially sedentary. I dearly hope this is correct. I'm going to start breeding Oriental Shorthairs and frankly I'm...
  9. The Goodbye Bird

    "Cloaked" Tabby

    Does this have a proper name? I've been referring to it as a "cloaked" tabby in my head. This is the best picture I can find of it at the moment, but some have absolutely no "holes" at all in their cloaks - their backs are completely black. Some you would mistake for a solid cat, and then you...
  10. The Goodbye Bird

    Real or Fake?

    So, most of the comments lean toward fake, fake, fake. However, I'm familiar with what it takes to make a cat blue-eyed, and for high-quality blue eyes, it's two things: 1. The gene for blue eyes. This usually comes with colourpoint or dominant white as a package deal. However, this will only...
  11. The Goodbye Bird

    Personality Traits: Which are Heritable?

    I'm wondering which personality traits you feel can be bred for and which ones you feel are more or less random and it would be pointless to try to breed for. The breed I'm going for (Oriental Shorthairs) has a wonderful personality already. They're tolerant of other cats, love to snuggle with...
  12. The Goodbye Bird

    Funny Story

    Domestic cat owners: Why my cat is pregnant? My kittens were ten weeks old! They mated?! How??? Information: Kittens can and will mate. Get your kittens spayed and neutered as soon as possible. Show cat owners: Why my cat is not pregnant? They're both mature aren't they? Information: By the way...
  13. The Goodbye Bird

    Cat Pickiness

    My last rescue was a rare "eaty" kitty that demanded any and all of my food (no she wasn't overweight) but I've had cats all my life and I have found only one like this. Some will drink milk or cream, some will eat cheese or yogurt, but that's pretty much it. Other than that, it's pretty much...
  14. The Goodbye Bird

    Strange Picture

    I found a picture of a kitten that appears to have pointed colouration, but the black is being reduced to grey, not cream. Legends tell of chimera cats that can be both black and grey, but supposedly this is the only way for a cat that is both grey and black to occur. . This unusual photo...
  15. The Goodbye Bird

    Need Oriental Shorthairs

    I would like to start breeding Oriental Shorthairs and I'm interested in purchasing three starters as foundation cats. It's a breed I love, I have experience in genetics, and I have a little experience breeding as my parents bred cats, though it was a different breed. I expect to pay over $1000...
  16. The Goodbye Bird

    Seal Body Black Point - Super Dark Siamese?

    I've known about this kind of cat for a while and while he isn't mine, he's a perfect example. Is this cat colourpoint? If he's got the Burmese gene, why does he still have blue eyes? It was my understanding that if you had both the Siamese and Burmese colourpoints, you'd be a Tonkinese and...