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  1. crickets mom

    Questions about EGC

    Hi guys! My mom has 3 cats. 2 of them are litter mates, a boy and girl who will be 2 in August. Petey, the girl developed a scratch on her thigh and the vet said it is eosinophilic granuloma complex. He gave her an antibiotic. He said she may need to be on steroids. Now, of course I've done...
  2. crickets mom

    Sudden weird issues

    So, all of a sudden Im having a few problems. #1 when I reply to a post, there is no tool bar. There nothing above the box, like where you can add pictures or a smiley face. #2 when i move my mouse over a title to a thread, it used to give me the begining of the thread with out having to...
  3. crickets mom

    So many cans....Is it ok to wet down dry food?

    So, I started transitioning my cats to canned food.  I understand the benefit of them getting moisture from food. What bothers me is the amount of cans I will be recycling.  Thats A LOT of cans.  With three cats, only on canned, that can be up to 12 cans per day.  At the very least, with bigger...
  4. crickets mom

    How much canned food per cat per day?

    I know this question is probably annoying as Im sure you guys have answered it a million times.  I figure though it would be best to get a personalized answer than try to pour through posts about other peoples cats.  I currently feed my cats dry kibble (I know, bad mommy!).  I would like to...
  5. crickets mom

    Spare some vibes?

    My 9 month old kitten, Cicada, is at the vet today.  She didnt eat all day yesterday.  She was not feeling well at all, just not acting herself.  There was some diarrhea in the litter box, and some clear mucus gel type stuff.  I took her to the vet as a walk in this morning.  The vet called, and...
  6. crickets mom

    Anyone know of a good site to research dog nutrition?

    Ive learned a lot here about cat nutrition.  I was wondering if anyone had a trusted, unbiased resource to research dog nutrition?  I could search the web on my own I guess, but I just thought you guys could give me a good start.  Also what do you guys feed your dogs? Thanks!
  7. crickets mom

    Do some cats just have watery eyes?

    I have 3 cats.  2 are litter mates, and the other is their mama.  The male kitten (6 months old) has always had watery eyes.  The other 2 do not.  Its both eyes.  It is clear discharge, like he is crying.  He has no other symptoms.  It has happened scince he was little.  It only happens every...
  8. crickets mom


    May be this isnt the right spot for this, as I know they are not a breed.  I was just wondering how many of you guys have polydactals (extra toe kitties)? And if youve noticed any personality traits that go along with the extra toes? Also are they more likely female, cuz all my polys were. I...
  9. crickets mom

    My sweet babies!

  10. crickets mom

    Just want to say thanks!

    I am a new member to this site,  but Ive been reading this forum scince August.  I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for their great threads. I found a pregnant young cat in july, she was skin and bones with this huge pregnant belly.  I couldnt leave her. I took her to the vet right away...
  11. crickets mom

    mama and brother aggression

    Well first of all, I want to thank everyone on this site for their posts.  They have been a great help to me over the last several months!  I found a young, starving, pregnant cat in July.  Three weeks later, she had 7 healthy kittens.  I found homes for 5 of the kittens.  I kept mama, and one...