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  1. babyharley

    $2 off Tidy Cats Litter

    I know everyone likes to save a little money - so when I saw this coupon I thought of everyone here $2 off ANY one Tidy Cats Litter!
  2. babyharley

    Mom friends! Looking for Amazon 20% off :)

    If any of you moms have run across an Amazon 20% off code for diapers in a parenting magazine that you will not be using, I'd gladly be able to use it for you! PM me if you have any you won't be using. Expired ones will work as well. Diapers are crazy expensive so any little bit helps...
  3. babyharley

    Whats for supper?

    Tonight we're having beef roast thats been in the crock pot all day, mashed potatoes & veggies. What about you?
  4. babyharley

    GAME: How Many?

    You answer the question with the number.. example My post: How many pets do you have? Next person will answer: 5 Then they post a question.... Got it? I'll start: How many T.V's do you have in your house?
  5. babyharley

    GAME: Words ending in 'ed'

    I thought this would be fun! You go in alphabetical order, and each word has to end in an 'ed' I'll start with A A: Answered Next person will do "B" Go
  6. babyharley

    What are you looking forward to in 2011?

    Do you have any big events happening in 2011? A new house, moving, new furbabies, traveling, weddines, family get togethers? For us - we are hoping to be able to pay off a ton of bills and HOPEFULLY by the end of the year, we should be able to buy our first house. Very exciting and we're...
  7. babyharley

    New Years Eve / Day food

    Do you have a tradition of making certain foods for NYE or New Years Day? We don't. We will go to my Aunt & Uncle's house but we just have appetizers and snacks. Although I could go for a lobster or steak
  8. babyharley

    Your Christmas Tree

    Do you still have your tree up? If you do, when do you take it down? Ours is still up, but I do believe I will be taking it down tomorrow. I'm sad, I love having it up
  9. babyharley

    Your favorite dessert?

    Everyone likes desserts What's your favorite? Chocolate, pies, cake? I love brownies, they are my favorite
  10. babyharley

    Kindle Book Lending - now avaliable! Eligible Kindle books can be loaned once for a period of 14 days. The borrower does not need to own a Kindle -- Kindle books can also be read using our free Kindle reading applications for PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android...
  11. babyharley

    Those of you with a Kindle or other e-reader, come on in!

    I'm looking for a good case for mine that I got for Christmas. I'm trying to decide if I should save up for a case that has a light on it, or buy the two seperate. I'm getting it from Amazon so I don't get to see them in person - so if someone has one or the other, I would love an opinion...
  12. babyharley

    To all the mom's out there!

    I'm in search of some diaper codes for 20% off at that were in the Parents & Parenting magazine (August & September issues). If anyone has a code from their issue, please PM me The codes were located on an orange (i think) tear off. It's a one time only code. I'm trying to get...
  13. babyharley

    At my wits end

    I just don't know what to do about this meowing/howling problem that we have with Harley. I posted about this before & got some feedback about building an outdoor enclosure, but thats not going to happen before winter, and we need to keep him in during the winter. He simply cannot be bored...
  14. babyharley

    My not so little boy!

    Can you believe that Landon will be 10 months this week?! He's crawling all over the place, standing up on his own & is getting close to walking. He's had 7 (yes, 7!) haircuts already. When I get mine cut once a month, he goes with He's the happiest baby ever, we're so blessed! Just a few...
  15. babyharley

    Constant meowing

    Recently, my 6 year old Harley has been trying to get outside when we leave. He's been successful a few times and actually went missing for a few hours one day, but came back home. I couldn't find him anywhere and was terrified Since then, he will sit at any of the doors going outside and...
  16. babyharley

    Hey everyone!

    I just thought I would say hi to everyone while I had a few moments! I haven't been a very active poster in the past few months, but I miss you all very much! I come by once in awhile to post in threads, but not nearly as often as I used to. A little update from me: Landon is 6 months old...
  17. babyharley

    The new addition to our family!

    I just thought I would share my big news with you all, even though I haven't been a real active poster for the past few months. On September 21st, we were blessed with the arrival of our first baby boy - Landon He was born weighing 8lbs 7oz, 21 inches long with a head full of jet black hair...
  18. babyharley


    Bayley loves laying in the bedroom window in the mornings to catch some sun rays - he peeked his little face out to say good morning to me yesterday
  19. babyharley

    First dance song?

    I'm going through music for our wedding reception and I'm kind of stuck on a song for our first dance. I have a few ideas, but I thought it would be neat to see what other people's songs were too Thanks!
  20. babyharley

    Its The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

    Its on now, on ABC I get so excited to watch it every year I love the Christmas one too!