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  1. strider rose

    show us your black and white cats

    heres my baby girl miss Stardust
  2. strider rose

    i make cat toys

    i started this hobby about 3 years ago and cats all around the world love my toys !
  3. strider rose

    post your pics - cat mom or dad ( us)

    this is me Strider Rose ( Jenn Bulock )
  4. strider rose

    another one of my cats that has passed

    his name was stardust the moogle . he died at 2 yrs old . i miss my sweet boy so much
  5. strider rose


    my 13 year old cat lily rose that lives at my moms has seizures once in awhile and i am not sure how she got them ?
  6. strider rose

    my other two cats that are no longer with me

    legolas passed away in 2014 and strider passed away in 2015
  7. strider rose

    new member here

    hi my name is Jenn Bulock, i have 3 female cats named lily rose, lucky and stardust