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    sex question

    In a dog forum someone is arguing with me that kitten testicles are not descended at birth, well every male I've ever had born was descended at birth. Is this normal?
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    wire hair kitten?

    I posted this somewhere else and got not one response . I got a male kitten, Mother was a rescue, the people dumped her because she had the nerve to get pregnant( stupid people). Father unknown. Mom is blue point siamese, kitten is same but soft green eyes, not sparkly like other cats. His fur...
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    Wire haired cat

    My kitten is really coarse and wiry. His mom was asiamese that was dumped because she was pregnant,dad is unknown. I looked at the cfa site and found american wirehairs. Anyone know anything about them?
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    Hi, we're new

    Hi, Percy is my new kitten. He is a rescue, his mother was given up because she got pregnant. She was a siamese, daddy is unknown. Percy has wiry hair, crinkled whiskers and looks like a blue point siamese.