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    Jaundice in cat!

    I noticed today that my cats gums are yellow so I took him to the vets asap and they're currently doing blood tests. I'm very concerned about him because I know this is serious. Initially, I took him to the vets yesterday because he was throwing up his food that was mainly digested and wouldn't...
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    Can't keep food down

    I noticed my cats was dry heaving and throwing up colourless liquid with a bit of foam (occasionally) and thought he had a hairball. However, I found some thrown up food in the litter box twice now (I don't know why there). He didn't want to eat as if he was scared to almost? I managed to get...
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    Unexplained weight loss in cats

    I recently posted about my cat that has been losing weight, but is acting normal. He's eating, drinking and even meowing to go outside. He's been tested for FIV, FeIV and hypothyroidism and it's all clear. However, the vet said he had a high fever and gave him antibiotics and anti-inflammatory...
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    Cat sides caved in - any help??

    I noticed my 6 year old cat has been appearing slimmer than usual over the summer. He always loses quite a bit of his winter weight during the summer and quite a bit of his coat too, but it seems like it's more than he should have. His side's appear to be more caved in, but everything is...
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    Cat looks very out of it

    My cat had a vet visit today and was diagnosed with cat flu. He's over the worst of it (we couldn't get an appointment when it started), but to ease any symptoms he may be having he was given 3 different shots (pain, anti-nausea & anti-inflammatory). He had them around 6 hours ago and he's...