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  1. Draco

    Pooping hairball

    It was white and short, her fur. Can’t think of what else it could be! i will try olive oil, thank you :)
  2. Draco

    Pooping hairball

    It's common for hair to appear in cat's poop. But my girl (9 years) literally had a wad of dry-ish fur stuck in her rectum. She pooped, the poop gets stuck thanks to the fur inside her, so I helped remove the poop (solid and firm, btw), only to find a wad of hair at the end which caused her poop...
  3. Draco

    Which Quarantine House with a twist ?

    #3. I can still use my computer- it says no tablet/phone :D Plus, it'll be a great way for me to finally lose weight, lol
  4. Draco

    You Know You Care More About Your Cats Than About Yourself When . . .

    when you decorate your home with cats in mind "I can't buy this pretty vase, the cats will destroy it." "I can't have black, think of the cat fur!"
  5. Draco

    Cat Wheel?

    one of my petsitting client gave me hers, I just set it up and letting Monet explore it with some treats. I hope he'll take to it since he tends to do a lot of zoomies! Cassie is lazy, I doubt she'd ever use it. Thanks for posting the links above @LTS3 ! The training video helps! @Katie M -...
  6. Draco

    Phone Scammer Fun

    I got rid of my landline because of these callers. Now they're attacking my cell, even texting me. Even though I am on the do not call list I'll pick up, but won't say anything until they hang up. Usually then they'll think it's a dead line and won't call back.
  7. Draco

    What "childish" things do you still enjoy?

    man, so many things! I love playing the original Nintendo and Super Nintendo (not the new 'classic' that came out, the original from the 80s). I also enjoy Pokemon! I roleplay (Write) with my friends and make up stories. I still have my collection of 80's My Little Pony that I have displayed. I...
  8. Draco

    Modern words and phrases that get under your skin.

    I absolutely CANNOT stand "ima" "Ima go to sleep" in a sentence. Just say "I'm going to.."! Words like that makes the person sound incredibly lazy for not wanting to sound out an extra syllable.
  9. Draco

    Useless Christmas gift(s)

    i feel the same way when it comes to certain gifts. Sometimes I wish they wouldnt gift me anything at all. this year I got a cheese knife with a really tacky reindeer on it. Looks like something from a dollar store, and i am like.. umm, thanks? She knows I do not host and I do not eat cheese...
  10. Draco

    Question of the Day - Monday, December 23, 2019

    depends on who's house. every year my cousins and sister takes turns hosting christmas eve. I'd much rather go to my sister's than my cousins (For I am the only single person without kids, I cannot connect with them at all and there's no place where I can comfortable retreat to. at least at my...
  11. Draco

    Question of The Day. Saturday 14th of December

    What do you mean Santa's not real?! I am 38! nah, I kid. Umm, I don't remember how old I was, probably 5 or 6. My parents never really did the illusion of santa and i fell out of believing easily. The easter bunny however...
  12. Draco

    Question of the day, Friday, December 6

    There's a house in my neighborhood that has a light show on their house every year, donations go to St Jude's. They have it where you turn on a certain radio station and music plays in time to the light show. Really beautiful to see and it's become a tradition for me to go every year
  13. Draco

    Anyone see this cat bed?

    I've seen something similar at Home Goods (one of those places)
  14. Draco

    Broken Canine Fang

    Thanks for the reply! He's an indoor only cat, how he managed to make a big impact to break it like that is beyond me. It is possible he did get into a fight with my other cat since he's constantly hounding her. I pressed at the bottom of the tooth and he did not flinch away which leads me to...
  15. Draco

    Broken Canine Fang

    Hi all, I just noticed my cat (10 years) has a broken upper canine tooth. About half is missing, not a tiny chip or anything. He seems to be okay, eating and does not seem to be bothered- but I know cats hide pain well. What should I look out for? There’s no redness or bleeding- I can’t tell...
  16. Draco

    Life's Betta With A Fish

    I'd keep an eye on facebook market place (if you're on facebook) or other local buy/sell. I am always seeing aquariums for sale. I'd rather buy another than to reseal. as always, if buying used, sit the tank outside and fill with water over night to test for leaks
  17. Draco

    Life's Betta With A Fish

    The betta will most likely go after the guppies- or any other fish with larger tails- I'd be prepared for that. Ghost shrimps will not really help with the cycling, they produce such little waste. Since you can't find ammonia, I suggest starting the cycle with a betta- they are extremely hardy...
  18. Draco

    Not cat related

    Congrats!! I can't imagine the joy you are feeling to spoil a grandchild!
  19. Draco

    Show Off Your Photography

    Tonight’s moon
  20. Draco

    Show Off Your Photography

    Thanks :) here’s another shot as well.