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  1. peaches08

    My baby Jaxx is gone

    I can't think of much worse than having to deal with kitten euthanasia...Godspeed to you and your dear Jaxx! Big hugs, I've had to do it twice and it wasn't even my kitten...destroyed me nonetheless.
  2. peaches08

    Can't believe Dexter is gone

    I am so sorry! We never have enough time, do we? I adopted 3 cats 8 days after my one and only soul kitty was put to sleep because the house was too quiet and I love cats. In my case, it wasn't too soon because it was just me at home. You'll know when the time is right, and how wonderful of you...
  3. peaches08

    Miss you, Gadget 11-20-2016

    It was SUCH a shock. And thank you, it means a lot. I really tried, like everyone here at TCS, to take the best care that I could of my cats. I can't tell you the number of times they ate exotics while I ate Ramen! He was the LAST cat I'd expect of this.
  4. peaches08

    Miss you, Gadget 11-20-2016

    Thanks everyone. You hear of stories like this, then run and hug your cats because we never know when "it's time." We hope it never happens to us, we pay the big bucks to vets every year at least making sure that they've been seen, you read about diets and vaccinations and dewormer and flea...
  5. peaches08

    Miss you, Gadget 11-20-2016

    My new screensaver for a while. Usually I have a beach theme since I love the water. Poor Gadget. He had such a rough start. I adopted him when he was a year old. He was adopted from the shelter from a young couple, then the girl left when they broke up but left the cat. The boyfriend decided...
  6. peaches08

    Miss you, Gadget 11-20-2016

    Gadget is the gray/white and Mason is the tabby.
  7. Miss you, Gadget 11-20-2016

    Miss you, Gadget 11-20-2016

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  9. peaches08

    My cat hates the vitamins put into raw food.

    Which brand of vitamins are you using? Sometimes using a different brand makes all the difference. My cats went from TC Feline to Dr. Pierson's recipe on, and they were not interested initially in her recipe. They were crazy for the TC Feline, but it was just too expensive for me to...
  10. peaches08

    Ustew cat food. adding the blood

    Most chicken for human consumption has been properly bled out, the red liquid you see in the package is myoglobin. In any case, I add it. I'd rather my cats get their nutrients from as many natural sources as they'll allow me too!
  11. peaches08

    Sebastian, the feline love of my life

    Everyone has said it beter than I could, you were both so lu ky to find each other. I am so, so sorry for your loss. I loved the video. You can see what a sweet boy he was and how much love was there.
  12. peaches08

    My Sweet Angel Baby Crossed the Rainbow Bridge 2/5/16

    I'm so sorry to hear of Angel's passing. My heart goes out to you.
  13. peaches08

    To my Pipsqueak, with love, whom I lost one year ago today.

    Oh the puffball...that got me too. Wonderful tribute!
  14. peaches08

    Lazlo, a TCS kitten through-and-through, our first feral, was called home

    I've been MIA for a while and just found this. I am so sorry for your loss; you were very lucky to have found each other.
  15. peaches08

    Goodbye my princess, Callie

    I am so sorry, mrsgreenjeans! She was a beautiful girl and you can tell she ruled the house.
  16. peaches08

    Can Anyone Help Me?

    Halfpass...dressage rider? Have you tried fresh bone?  Three of my cats had raging diarrhea on low carb canned, but cleared up within 24 hours of starting raw.  The worst of the 3 took off with a chicken thigh bone and ate all but the distal end.  I'm not advising that you give thigh bones...
  17. peaches08

    Tcfeline?? Confused, please help!

    Before I got a grinder, I just used kitchen scissors to cut the meat into strips then mixed with TC Feline and water.
  18. peaches08

    So I have a new kitty...I named him Freckles

    Yeah the appendicitis caught me by surprise.  Luckily mine did not burst, so my procedure was a pretty easy laparoscopic one.  But I can certainly sympathize with anyone having had appendicitis after all this.  It was one of the most painful things I've experienced.  It's an unrelenting pain...
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  20. peaches08

    Liver Only - No Other Secreting Organ

    If I understand correctly, you're worried about enough organ variety in the chicken thighs recipe, right?  If so, all I can do is tell you what I did.  The first more than year that I fed raw, it was the stripped down chicken thighs recipe.  No eggs, no glandulars.  Just the thighs, liver, and...