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  1. minniesunshine

    Please Help!i Don't Think My Posts Are Showing

    Something is wrong with my account. I be posted new threads n I do t see any response n when I responded to someone's post earlier today it not the correct time? I also tried to message Anne the site owner n it didn't work. I also noticed my picture has doubles, meaning the same pic just one...
  2. minniesunshine

    Allergy Forum

    This is all about allergies, skin issues; what commonalities we all have (we meaning, cats with skin issues). Where do you live? Rural or city? What liter do you use? What kind d of toys/scratchers do you use for cats? Do you use...
  3. minniesunshine

    Environmental Or Food???

    Can someone PLEASE tell me if they know or have had done a test to determine whether their cats skin issues where food or environmental? I'm going back again to the vet tmrw. And I guess I have no choice at this point but to try the Atopica (I pray it helps) but I truly believe my Cream's skin...
  4. minniesunshine

    4 Cats Different Diets Why All Itchy??????

    I have been trying to figure out what is causing all of my babies to be so itchy!! They do NOT NOT NOT have fleas. I have brought them to numerous vets and I am so frustrated, I don't know what to do anymore. Cream, my youngest is having the worst reaction. I have fully explained my concern with...
  5. minniesunshine

    Need Help With My Account Please

    I am trying to use the site on my lap top, I've never used it before, but I don't remember my password and when I chose to reset my password, I never received the email to follow the link? Please help me
  6. minniesunshine

    Has Anyone Tried Okocat Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter,?

    I have been using Dr Elseys liter for a few years but am not happy with what they put in the liter. It also doesn't clump as well as it used to. I'd love to find a healthier liter for my kitties. I came across this liter. Would love to know if anyone uses it and if it's any good. The reviews...
  7. minniesunshine

    Pieces Of Glass In Liter!!

    I literally picked out small shards of glass in my kitties liter boxes!! I just cleaned out the box and saw pieces shining from the light, so I picked it up and it was GLASS! I've seen pieces shining before but just thought it was the way the light was hitting the liter. I'm changing liter...
  8. minniesunshine

    Bad Experience W/ Atopica????

    Has anyone had a BAD experience giving Atopica to your cat? Of so, please give details? I've extremely hesitant to give my kitty this medication. She's been put through way too much this last 18 months. And she's only 4! 3 different vets, 6 appointments.
  9. minniesunshine

    Safest Cleaning Solutions?

    just wanted to know if anyone can suggest safe cleaning solutions? One of fur babies has a severe skin problem, allergy to what not know. But she has puss on her belly n I do NOT cause her more harm with cleaning products. ThAnks for any input
  10. minniesunshine

    Has Anyone Had Long Term Success With Skin Allergies???

    I have what feels like a no win battle for almost 2 years. My poor baby has been to 3 different veterinarians. Last one being a dermatologist specialist. She's been on antibiotics atleast 4 times, steroid pills, and now this past Friday Atopica. I have not given her this medication yet bc...
  11. minniesunshine

    Buying on line vs. pet store

    I want sure where to post . This has happened numerous times, I buy food from the pet store, to try new brands, they love it, then I order same Food from mr chewy, who I haven ordering from for atleAst 4year, and they won't eat it.
  12. minniesunshine

    Has anyone used Chlorpheniramine for their kitty's alergy?

    I recently found a new vet, she gave my baby Revolution, topical antibiotics n told me to give her Chlorpheniramine. I'm nervous about giving it to her bc we still do not know what she is actually allergic to. The vet said she "thinks" it's a food allergy. But when this first happened I changed...
  13. minniesunshine

    Best cat liter for multiple cat home?

    I have been using dr elsey's liter for a few years now, but lately it's just not the same. I've used MANY kitty liters. I was thinking of trying Cats Pride. Its one of the few I have not tried but It's definitely more expensive. I have 5 boxes to kee filled. Anyone have suggestions
  14. minniesunshine

    Has anyone tried wild callings alley gator?

    I just received a case from mr chewy and it smells rotten! I don't know what alligator is suppose to smell like? My kitties wouldn't touch it and I'm wondering if it's bad or is that how is suppose to smell?
  15. minniesunshine

    Is it bad to give more than one protein?

    I've been having issues with one of my babies, Cream, I still am not 100% sure if it was chicken her allergic reaction came from, bc I had given my kitties numerous treats, wet and dry food. So the most common theme was chicken. She has been eating NV Pride duck flavor, it's the ONlLY new food...
  16. minniesunshine

    Cat allergies

    Does anyone know if cat develops a food allergie, how long woulld it take for the food to be out of their system?
  17. minniesunshine

    What do most cat owners use Frontline Plus or Advantage II ???

    My 3 babies are indoor cats. But I still need to protect them. There are so many mixed reviews on both these products, so I wanted to see what people on this site use more. Responses would be really appreciated !!
  18. minniesunshine

    what's better FRONTLINE PLUS OR Advantage II ????

    I would prefer not to put any of these chemicals on my babies but I live on a ground floor and bugs can get in here very easy, as they already do. I have always used Frontline b/c that is what the vet had but I am going to buy it from Mr. Chewy this time. So I wanted to get some feedback from...
  19. minniesunshine

    What is the healthiest cat food/flavor on the market?

    I have 3 cats. Minnie 8, Sunshine 6 and my new baby I rescued is Creamy 9mths old. My older cats have been eating Asian Fusion Werurva for as long as I have I have had them. I now know that tuna is very bad for cats and have been trying so hard to get off the tuna! Sunshine will eat wellness...
  20. minniesunshine

    How do you play with older cats when you get a new kitten

    I have 2 older cats, Minnie 8 and Sunshine 6, I recently took in a kitten who is apx 6 months old now. She has been in our home since AUG. My cats still do not lover her & I feel a lot of their anger towards her is b/c every time I try to play w/  one of them, she takes over. I play w/ her...