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  1. macsmommy

    Fattening up my senior

    So my Sasha has always been a skinny little thing; good appetite, just really lean. She was previously a stray who survived due to an older man who put out leftovers for her, so she adores people food. She eats all her cat food but when I poach plain chicken she always gets a bite or two. Well...
  2. macsmommy

    Just wanted to say hi

    Here's our queen. She was abandoned in a crummy apartment building before we rescued her. She's lived with us for almost 14 years now. Her name is Sasha. This is my Mac, who is my baby and rarely allows me out of the same room as him. he follows me everywhere and taps me on the arm with his...
  3. macsmommy

    Tummy trouble for Mac

    So I found this site while researching higher quality cat food, and now one of my kiddos seems sick. There seem to be a lot of really knowledgeable people here so maybe I can get advice. My Mac is 7 years old, indoors only, has feline herpes but no outbreaks for a year and a half. He and our...