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  1. swampwitch

    Bad Customer Service!

    I guess this is going to be pretty rant-y, sorry. Please feel free to join in. Home Depot: I ordered rubber stair treads for 12 stairs outside. They come in a 2-pack, so I ordered 6 Qty. I've received only 3 of them, although my account shows "order complete." I am having a very tough time with...
  2. swampwitch

    Songs Stuck in Your Head

    I've been watching Community on Netflix, what a weird show! The song at the beginning is pretty strange, too, I used to think the show and the song were both light-hearted comedies, until I started paying attention. Everyone on the show has a really dark side, as do the lyrics at the beginning...
  3. swampwitch

    What do you think of our new doorbell? (pic)

    It's just been installed so I wish somebody would come to the door.   It has little round glass eyes and the button stays lit all the time. (Sorry I don't take great pictures.)
  4. swampwitch

    Contractor + Church: what would you do?

    Our contractor is a really nice guy and his company does great work, but twice now he has told me about his church and invited us to come to a service. The first time was in person and I thanked him but declined, and thought that was it. But this morning, he emailed me about a small piece of...
  5. swampwitch

    Painless way to Whiten Teeth

    My friend has the whitest teeth and she has never had them professionally done. She told me she gargles with half mouthwash and half 3% hydrogen peroxide every night.  I've been looking for an alternative to professionally whitening teeth since I have tooth sensitivity. So, I tried it out and...
  6. swampwitch

    Giving a Wedding Toast (please help with ideas)

    My niece is getting married soon, she's the only daughter of my sister who passed away. I will be giving a toast at the wedding and could really use some help or any ideas how to do it. Before my sister died, she asked me to give / say a particular quotation for her at her daughter's wedding. I...
  7. swampwitch

    Fifty Shades of Grey (Cats)

    Canada's prime minister's wife is helping promote the adoption of cats in Ontario, hopping onto the bandwagon for the promotion of the movie. All grey cats are $50. A poster promoting the event is captioned "Due to the nature of this program, adult cats only." ...
  8. swampwitch

    You thought your food prices were high!

    Check out the cost of eating in Nunavut! Scroll down to the slideshow in the article to see other outrageous prices.
  9. swampwitch

    Superbowl Sunday!

    Are you going to watch the game? Which team are you cheering for? My sister and her husband (from Seattle) are in Arizona to see the game! Evidently seeing the Hawks win the Super Bowl is on my BIL's bucket list, so we are really hoping it works out for him. If it wasn't so important to my...
  10. swampwitch

    Holiday Breakfast?

    I'm stumped this year what to serve for breakfast Christmas morning, and am hoping you guys can give me some ideas. Ideally, it can be made the night before… but any suggestions are appreciated. What do you have for breakfast on holidays?
  11. swampwitch

    Our daughter's first day of Grade 11 (pic)

    Thank you BC government and the teacher's union.
  12. swampwitch

    Natalie_ca in Winterpeg

    your city made the local news     WINNIPEG - It’s the dog days of summer, but there's still snow to be found in the city nicknamed Winterpeg. Jim Berezowsky, manager of street maintenance for Winnipeg, says there is still snow at the four dump sites used by the city. He says the pile at the...
  13. swampwitch


    I was wondering if anybody here takes or teaches yoga classes and what kind of yoga you like (or not). I'm ready to start taking classes, and am looking into all the different types. Wow, there are a lot! I live with a few chronic illnesses so need to start slowly. I know there are some types...
  14. swampwitch

    Moon Landing - where were you?

    For those of you who are old enough, do you remember the moon landing 45 years ago?  I remember my whole family watched it on TV, then we ran outside to the front lawn to look up at the moon. My mother said very convincingly, "I can see the flag!" and I believed her and tried to see it, too, LOL.
  15. swampwitch

    throwing up food and water after Clavamox

    I spoke with the vet yesterday morning about Lily, but am not seeing improvement like she said we would. I'll try to make the story short - any advice is appreciated! Almost two weeks ago, Lily started squatting outside of the litter box, so I took her to her vet. They ran blood tests and urine...
  16. swampwitch

    Where is my mother? (warning possible triggers)

    Warning! Possible triggers regarding childhood abuse, the dying, and prolonging death in the dying. (sorry!) I have a lot of stories about my crazy, violent, abused childhood. I guess most are stranger than fiction but it seems to never end, and what's going on now is pretty wild, too.  I'm...
  17. swampwitch

    bare legs vs. hosiery

    What do you think - when and where are women's bare legs appropriate (other than the obvious like pool / beach)? What about work or dressy or formal occasions, does it depend on the person, the dress, or the event? I've been wresting with this for a while. It seems to me that legs should be...
  18. swampwitch

    Your Cats and Strangers

    How do your cats react when a stranger comes into your home? Have you ever had someone come in and every cat scatters to hide? We live in an old house and there seem to be a lot of repair people coming in for one thing or another. It's interesting how sometimes our kitties are fine with the...
  19. swampwitch

    Crazy wind - batten down the hatches!

    It's really windy here this morning, so I thought I'd air the house out - it only takes a minute with this kind of wind. When I opened two windows and a door, the wind made a REALLY loud whistle going through the house! It spooked the kitties, lol, me too a little.  We've noticed there's a...
  20. swampwitch

    Wednesday's Question of the Day

    Happy Wednesday everyone! Today's question is hypothetical...  If someone gave you money to start a business, any kind of business, what would you choose?  I would set up a metal shop and start making jewelry (I've always wanted to do that!).