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  1. vampirecat

    New TV or Trip?

    Oh definately a HDTV. Just imagine cosy night in front of the new tv, bottle of wine, good film, nice curry.............
  2. vampirecat

    How do your cats greet you ?

    As soon as i open the back door, i hear the thud of furry bodies leaving the comfort of our bed. Jake usually barges me out of the way to go out Izzy is deaf so doesn't hear me until i give her head a rub then its all purrs and dribble. Tigger bounces down the stairs for a chin and head rub...
  3. vampirecat

    Tipping at restaraunts

    I only tip if the service was good or exceptional. I wont leave a tip for bad service. However i will say that here in the Uk we dont have a 'tipping' culture as in many other countries. A lot of the time service is included in the final bill. We did tip a lot in the restaurant when on holiday...
  4. vampirecat

    Happy New Year!!

    Happy New Year Everyone Looking forward to seeing some fire works tonight
  5. vampirecat


    She is lovely, and very lucky to have found such a good home with you We have a tortie (or calico as she would be in the Usa) and Tigger certainly has some 'torti-tude' She can be very affectionate one moment and a little terror the next But we love her
  6. vampirecat

    Grrrr....Server Busy Try again later

    Thats soooo frustrating ! Especially for something so important. Let us know if you did ok
  7. vampirecat

    I'm Back ....

    No its not that one, its called Waterways. It is in Wrexham on the Holt road. We will be going there again today as we dont really have enough tinsel to go around all the kitty pictures on the walls. Got to go to Chester as well today, we have the dreaded visit to the dental hygeinist was...
  8. vampirecat

    I'm Back ....

    Hi Sarah We had a great time, 2 weeks of sun, sand, food and oh not forgetting the plentiful supply of rum Manchester greeted us with very heavy rain and it felt freezing after Cuba There we were rummaging around in our cases looking for anything warm to warm while the rain hammered down ...
  9. vampirecat

    I'm Back ....

    Hubbys just finished uploading some piccies into Photobucket for me, so here they are : Me with a guinea pig. This liitle guy sits on the pommel of a horse ! Looks real cute and she doesn't seem to mind a bit This is what the whole site looks like. All the rooms are surrounded by lovely...
  10. vampirecat

    I'm Back ....

    Thanks for the encourgement Had a good all round work out today, going again on Tuesday and Thursday. Will try to go Saturday but they are only open in the morning, so it may be after Christmas. Going to sort out some piccies now of our holiday, there are so many it will be difficult to...
  11. vampirecat

    I'm Back ....

    We had a great time in Cuba , it was lovely, it was hot and the people are just sooooo friendly. Definately going back, hopefully next year. I will post some piccies this afternoon, have to go to the pet shop now as the moggies need more Pro-plan and Whiskers then its off to the gym.
  12. vampirecat

    I'm Back ....

    Hi everyone, its been 3 weeks since my last confession...... No, seriously i have been off line for more than 3 weeks due to a great holiday in Cuba and catching up on house work. Yesterday we did our shopping, put the Christmas Tree up and went out to a garden centre that is full of xmas...
  13. vampirecat

    Hello Bonus... Good Bye Bonus

    I dont get a bonus...... We have to fight for everything....dont get me on this subject Hubby got a box of chocs, bottle of wine and some gift vouchers from his employers
  14. vampirecat

    Video Games

    I have had an Xbox 360 for 4 months now and i love it. We have had other consoles PS1, PS2, N64, Dreamcast, Xbox, Gamecube but i think the 360 is my most favourite I have just been playing Call of Duty 3 on-line and had a great time, not very good at it but its fun As for RPG's i have...
  15. vampirecat

    What are you doing on the weekend?

    Hi guys, I am taking my 4 little pals to the cattery this mornig for two weeks. I know they are looked after, safe, warm, fed etc my head tells me they will be fine but my heart breaks every time i leave them My suite case is almost packed as we are flying to Cuba tomorrow morning for a...
  16. vampirecat

    What do you want for Xmas?

    All i really want is a nice quite day with hubby and the cats. That would suite me just fine.........
  17. vampirecat

    Daily Thread Thurs Nov 23!!

    Hi, Its been pouring with rain here this morning, but the sun is out now. Just put the heating on as it is quite chilly tho'. Never mind only 2 more days and i will be in Cuba On the beach with a drink in my hand and the sun shining.........
  18. vampirecat

    the Daily Thread Wed. Nov 22

    Hi everyone, Posting late today, been a busy one ! Shopping, cleaning house, cat cuddling and playing on-line with a new found friend from Oregon. Well just had my dinner with a beer and feeling tired now...... Only 3 days until we go on holiday
  19. vampirecat

    Guess what I'm doing tomorrow?

    Sounds like the Police should have shown their faces at some of these stores, make people think twice about causing trouble. Well tho', how did it go ? Have you got the console ? Whats it like ? Its not released in the Uk until 8th December, £179 = $340
  20. vampirecat

    Will Hubby Notice ?

    Well here's the verdict (drum roll please).......... No he didnt notice I had booked a table for dinner and all through it not a word, nothing. So after looking him straight in the eye and running my fingers thro' my hair the penny eventually dropped