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  1. PeteyOchiFern

    Hello to everyone!

    Just joined today! YAY! So, my small family and I are owned by three sweet, loving, and entertaining felines. Petey, our 3.5 yr old buff tabby boy, is king of the house. He likes to keep our other cats' shenanigans in check. Ochi is our 2 yr old blind brown tabby. She was found with severe eye...
  2. PeteyOchiFern

    Any tricks to tick treatment/control on feral who won't be touched?

    Hi everyone. Just joined today and am excited to connect. I am a mom of 3 indoor cats (they only go out on harnesses). I live on 3 acres and about 6 months ago two black strays started coming around the house. I've been feeding them and made them shelters for this past winter. As time went on I...