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    PEW! It stinks in here!

    I use vanilla candles to get rid of the doggy smell, my hubby doesn't mind the vanilla he says it smells like I'm making pound cake. You are just at the mercy of the damp weather, accentuating the smells. Try boiling ground cloves and cinnamon on the stove, but turn to very low and don't let it...
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    my kitchen colors

    I like the apricot or peach with aqua, and the blonde cabinets could help with the choice of shade. get small cans of different shades of the color and paint posterboard, tape it to the wall near cabinets and counter, live with them a while and then pick your favorite.
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    Oh No.I lost our kitten.............

    when you can't find a cat look in the warmest most comfortable place.
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    Old songs from your teen years/childhood

    Amazing my cousins 15 yr old is into vinyl and The Ramones are his fav. My sons listen to Pink Floyd and Zeppelin, I was a teen in the early 70's and I also own Tapestry. And He## ya! I love country now. My father played all knds of music all the time, I think I know the words to most of the...
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    Who shares their home with kids and animals?

    Don't worry about what some people say. I have 4 cats, 6 dogs, and 50 parakeets, 2 large parrots and did daycare in my home. I passed all license inspections for many years. If you can keep everything clean and under control, who cares about the opinion of small minded people. I even had...
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    What did they wear under there?

    In the 60's I went to catholic school the convent was just across the street. I used to help the sisters hang their laundry, They wore white cotton panties and bras, black slips and stockings. Not really much different then my grandmother.
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    Adventures in grocery shopping

    Well the adventure wasn't at the store but.. I did my shopping kids were asking for candy at checkout, didn't watch bagger and when I got home and took out the 5 lb. bag of flour. IT BROKE OPEN all over my kitchen. yuck. They had bagged it with the milk and the condensation wet the bag. It was a...
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    Opinions please on kitty.

    I have parrots and luckily they are large so the cats don't mess with them but years ago I bred budgies and siamese. My male Oogie would kill the budgies by pulling their legs out of the cages. I had a bird room with a lock and he still managed to get a few more birds before I gave them away. He...
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    wire hair kitten?

    The vet saw him at 6 weeks and now he is 5 months old, I am feeding high quality food. He was born with a wiry coat it isn't changing. But he got a reprieve from the neutering, Mother Nature has decided it is finally winter here and we are expecting bad weather tomorrow so Percy will go in on...
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    There's a DOG in my house

    I have dogs and cats. You have a bad boy, he is trying to claim evrything as his, dogs pee on things as dominant behaviour. Maybe obedience class would help but use natures miracle on the pee spots and crate that dog when ever you are not able to supervise. Look online for the Nothing In Life...
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    sex question

    In a dog forum someone is arguing with me that kitten testicles are not descended at birth, well every male I've ever had born was descended at birth. Is this normal?
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    wire hair kitten?

    I posted this somewhere else and got not one response . I got a male kitten, Mother was a rescue, the people dumped her because she had the nerve to get pregnant( stupid people). Father unknown. Mom is blue point siamese, kitten is same but soft green eyes, not sparkly like other cats. His fur...
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    Wire haired cat

    My kitten is really coarse and wiry. His mom was asiamese that was dumped because she was pregnant,dad is unknown. I looked at the cfa site and found american wirehairs. Anyone know anything about them?
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    Hi, we're new

    Hi, Percy is my new kitten. He is a rescue, his mother was given up because she got pregnant. She was a siamese, daddy is unknown. Percy has wiry hair, crinkled whiskers and looks like a blue point siamese.