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  1. Jtsousa

    Do You Always Get A Cat Sitter?

    We went away for a long weekend and had our basement tenant come in each day to feed and medicate our cat and spend a bit of time with him. The third day she texted us and said that he really missed us and that he wasn’t interested in his food anymore, only being around her. When we got home...
  2. Jtsousa

    Changes On Felimazole

    Our senior cat has hyperthyroidism and has been on Felimazole for almost four weeks. We have observed some changes in him, both good and bad. Good: he seems more relaxed, he is less easily startled, his bald patches are growing back, and he has put on some weight Bad: he is vomiting almost...
  3. Jtsousa

    Found Frozen And Crying On A Front Porch

    Just had to share this story: Some friends of ours (who have never been pet owners) live a few blocks away and found a surprise on their porch last night—a tiny, freezing, and crying kitten. It was a frigid and windy night and she was clearly suffering from the cold, so they brought her in...
  4. Jtsousa

    Hyperthyroid Cat Is Hungry, But Won't Eat Dry Food

    We adopted a sweet senior male cat when his owner (my father-in-law) passed away. He had been free fed inexpensive dry food his whole life (along with many table scraps) but no wet cat food. I tried to change his diet for the better, so I bought high quality grain-free kibble, and slowly...
  5. Jtsousa

    Cat Has Bald Patch On Leg (pic)

    I’m a new(ish) cat owner, having adopted my father-in-law’s senior cat when he passed away. The cat seems to be doing very well now, but he’s developed a bald patch on one of his hind legs with a small circular patch of fur in the middle. He has engaged in overgrooming in the past due to stress...