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  1. Sa'ida Maryam

    Cryptorchidism: An uncommon disorder

    Hi to everyone onTCS I hope to start a thread that will foster a discussion about the issues ,I have discovered regarding the condition of Cryptorchidism Please keep all discussions clean and only use medical terminology when referring to the anatomy of cats and kittens. Any SLANG or...
  2. Sa'ida Maryam

    My new kitten looks like ...?

    Hi the TCS , There does not appear the be a category for folks who have gotten a new kitten or cat. So, as for me I thought I would start here . We are searching for a new name for this boy who is 3 months old. What name does he look like and what breed does he look like. He has a very long...
  3. Sa'ida Maryam

    Free to roam makes indoor kitti jealous

    Hi , there is small colony of feral cats very close to where I live. I am (GW) getting a kitten soon. The neighbor across the street own one white feral. We were on vacation and that feral had jumped our gated front porch and delivered kittens. The neighhood soon started throwing food to the...
  4. Sa'ida Maryam

    Diiki Cali kitti terminally ill ,now gone

    It was discovered she had heart disease ,brain tumor,which lead to major grand mal seizures that were controlled for one month,but a final heart attack took her. This was in the genes, as I understood . It has been almost 2years that she passed,but I don’t think we will ever forget her. I...
  5. Sa'ida Maryam

    She Has A New Family

    my tiny kitten had a first GOOD NIGHT. Some crying, quickly strecthed out and fell asleep on my arm. The TV has been in her room and she is happy in her camper.
  6. Sa'ida Maryam

    Cat Tail Hair Extention

    Oh, sorry this is my real hair, not a hair waive.:p
  7. Sa'ida Maryam

    Found A Lost Calico Cat Baltimore ,md

    PLEASE ADVISE, a black and white large Calico cat was on the side walk in the middle of the day 06/28/2017 around 4pm . I stopped my car and asked it what it was doing out here and it stopped crying and gave an audible meow. After one hour it was spotted in a hiding place. Second time I stopped...
  8. Sa'ida Maryam

    Advice: Transporting Kitten And Young Cat In Same Large Carrier

    Hello to TCS members, I really need advice about picking up a 3-4 month old kitten. I have a 1 year old male confident Maine Coon mix. He Is very human friendly , lap cat, side - kick, loves waters, and been here since he was a kitten. He has been around other cats and loved to play and is...
  9. Sa'ida Maryam

    Sits quietly during Shower

    hello, TCS, i just wanted to brag about how well behaved he is when it is time for a complete shower. He has been with us for 5 months, now He is 8mths, and went astray for a day and night. He was slumbing and got filthy.  He was so grateful to be home that he sat perfectly for his shower.  He...
  10. Sa'ida Maryam

    Post-Quarantined Behavior

    Do kittens bounce back quickly from isolation? Will he try harder to out rank me since I subjected him to isolation, neck collar and oral medicine? isn't he at an age where he could be harder to handle ? Mean and angry. What behavior can I possible expect ? Or are cats so different that it...
  11. Sa'ida Maryam

    Rescue labeled him ( Large Kitten )

    I know he is tabby, black and silver . Does he look at all Maine coon
  12. Sa'ida Maryam

    New kitten seeks shelter from resident cat

    Hi, I have 3 month old happy health playful kitten that wants to play with resident cat. But, after the proper cat introduction the resident cat hisses and only tolerates kitten. So kitten sits near me, plays with me, etc. do you think my 3 year old will ever want to join the fun? the rescue...
  13. Sa'ida Maryam

    Kitten is sleeping, NOW

    :wavey: My visit to a cat rescue house,resulted in bringing home this little kitti. 3 month old friendly, , long bushy tailed black tabby mix. What breed do you think shows. He has smooth silky long hair on belly, under arms and hind legs. All black paws and clear Chocolate eyes to melt your heart.
  14. Sa'ida Maryam


    My kittie is 3 years old. She is always indoors with regular perching in an enclosed patio,occasional leashed ground walks and backyard sits in a large kennel. Recently, she slipped out of her leash and decided to stroll. She encountered a feral cat, but I decided to leave that alone and go...
  15. Sa'ida Maryam

    She Is talking to me, how exciting!!

    Hi, to TCS. AS I am sitting on the chair typing this message right Now, my Honey-Kittie is circling my feet. She is keeping a healthy distance which is not her usual self. She usually is rubb - a-dubb hunched back and spreading lov. I will tell you I am sitting in the chair which she has...
  16. Sa'ida Maryam

    Company of Eliite find a new toy

    Hi to TCS My lit'l kittie is not interested in the toys I offer. One day we were in a sunny room and the phone I had in my hand caught a reflect similar to a laser pointer effect on the floor. My kittie attempted to grab and chase the light until....I tired. I dashed out to the pet store...
  17. Sa'ida Maryam

    duck jerky treats

    Hi, can someone tell me why rice flour is bad? I got some duck recipe jerky sticks for dogs as treats to make my AWSSUL stay still for grooming. She loved it. She is more calmer with this treat. The hard Purina Deli-Cat makes both my cat too hyper- they also freak out. Become aggressive with...
  18. Sa'ida Maryam

    Why do some cats use paws like people

    Hi I really must say, I find it soo cute to see some cats use their front paws a lot. For instance ,making adjustment to the food in the bowl with a paw. Paw Tasting the food first, before chowing down. Playing paw-paw, and tag. I see most cats lick paws and wash their faces or swat at toys...
  19. Sa'ida Maryam

    Companion of the Elite, but really

    Hi, Behavior unknown My Awssul, A lit'l wild cat. Is resting in her clean litter box. She has a soft cat bed , a large wooden box, carpeted and vinyl floor. A couple of white cotton floor throws. I played the litter box out of reach temporarily , then it fell and I had to sweep up with a...