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  1. Hoboforeternity

    keeping them off kitchen counters

    So yeah, rivel ingested cooking oil today and her behavior jumping on kitchen counter is is getting worse. I tried using double sided tape, but she managed to find and jump onto a non taped surfaces. It doesn't seem to work unless i tape ALL the counter top, like every inch of them which is not...
  2. Hoboforeternity

    help! cat accidentally drank palm oil i used for frying!

    I was preparing both her food and my food, when she just jumped on the counter and drank a bit of oil i used to fry chicken for me. It's not hot thankfully and not much i was able to stop her. It's palm oil and i am freaking out if this will poison her.
  3. Hoboforeternity

    how do your cats greet you when you get home?

    rivel does this every day i come home
  4. Hoboforeternity

    so cats associate place with negative experience?

    So Rivel has diarrhea, which doctor give her medicine for a week. (Either because i changed her food or the antibiotics prescribed after spay). The past week i just mix the medicine in her food (capsule with powder inside) but yesterday she suddenly know the food is laced with bitter medicine...
  5. Hoboforeternity

    cat caught and possibly partially ate a gecko. afraid of parasite

    Anything i can do? It's a common house gecko, i found her toying with it, and it's missing an arm. I threw the severed tail, and the gecko was barely alive, i caught it and put it outside but it was missing an arm i am afraid Rivel swallowed it and she might get parasites. Plus gecko keep the...
  6. Hoboforeternity

    red patches, looks like dried blood around spay incision.

    She got spayed in 27th, yesterday we took her sutures out, and it looked fine at first. Today, i found dry, red splotches around the spay incision that looks like dried blood. it doesn't seem to be painful because Rivel Let me touch on it gently and doesn't react. Sutures on 3 days ago...
  7. Hoboforeternity

    how to entertain bored cat that's recovering from spay?

    Rivel Has her sutures and cone taken out today, but she is still not reccomended to do strenous activity. She's showing signs of boredom because she can't play. I usually make her hunt feather stick every morning and evening. She started overreacting on random insect, house gecko, and...
  8. Hoboforeternity

    black dot on cat's chin. is this cat acne?

    This looks like acne to me? She had a plastic cone for a week after spay, the cone was often licked and bits of wet food often fell on it, despite my effort to clean them. I tried taking it off and wash but she immediately bit her sutures, so i never really cleaned it off thoroughly. The cone...
  9. Hoboforeternity

    New pet carrier, vet visit tomorrow, how do you all do it without your cat hating you?

    so i have been using this very basic "carrier" (which is basically just a plastic basket with lid) i o i got when i was taking care of Sniper who was a kitten and it was spacious for him. with Rivel, i had to go with it until the new carrier arrived, which was a nightmare for both of us...
  10. Hoboforeternity

    spay bandages come off. cone still on, should i be worried?

    When rivel was eating, the cone got stuck and stained with some wet food. I had to take it off to clean it, but even in just a moment she managed to lick her bandage, and started biting the incision with sutures. Immediately after washing, drying i put the cone back off without too much effort...
  11. Hoboforeternity

    Rivel pees outside litterbox after spay :(

    She never does this before. She peed twice on the floor today, after coming home from her surgery. I made her stay 3 days in the clinic so vet can monitor her recovery. I think i made a mistake of bringing her litterbox with her during the stay, now she probably associate it with the vet -_-...
  12. Hoboforeternity

    grooming post spay surgery, how can i help?

    Rivel just came home after her spay. She stayed 3 days in the hospital, due to her cone, she cannot groom and her fur is a bit oily and matted. I have been helping her groom by brushing her with wet human toothbrush. Any other way i can help?
  13. Hoboforeternity

    Vet reccommend to let my cat stay in the clinic 2-3 days after spay. should i?

    i am finalizing the schedule for Rivel's spay on the 26th, and the vet said it's much better if she stayed in the hospital post surgery for a day or 3 so they can monitor if something is wrong. i talked about the costs, it's reasonable and i can afford it, but i am more worried because Rivel...
  14. Hoboforeternity

    my cat sleeps more than usual today. nothing else seems wrong.

    And she's sleeping on her side instead of being curled up as usual. I know sleeping on side is usually a sign of relaxedness, but just in case. She usually sit around in loaf, but she's on her side almost all day. She still eats, use litter and respond to food like following to the kitchen if i...
  15. Hoboforeternity

    can catnip be used to teach cat to like toys?

    i bought 3 mouse shaped cat wand for Rivel and she's barely interested in it. she still prefer her old, mangled, feather one (in retrospect i should just buy other feather wands). can i teach her to like the new toys, chase it around with catnip? how do they work ? i want her to be more active...
  16. Hoboforeternity

    Sniper, the first one who changed my life.

    i always have been fond of animals since childhood. i never owned a pet before Sniper due my parents disliking animals and as adult i don't have the courage to jump in until recently. came in this family of cat, mother and son, lives near my work that i grown attached to. i still don't keep them...
  17. Hoboforeternity

    Rivel escaped in the middle of the night and i am an emotional wreck right now

    I thought she won't try to escape again so i openened the window (with anti insect screen and the hole patched with tape and board. She somehow tore open the hole again and escaped. I tried finding everywhere i can with treat bag crinkle but i cannot find her. She was a street cat and i...
  18. Hoboforeternity

    cat teeth brushing training tips

    Hi, my vet said my Rivel has plaque build up so i bought her CET virbac toothpaste poultry. I know suddenly brushing her teeth will end up badly for us both, so is there any guide for tooth brushing techniques? I put a little on my finger and let her sniff but she's not interested licking. I...
  19. Hoboforeternity

    Recommendation for cat toys feather/ mouse stick

    So in just 3 weeks Rivel has mauled her feather stick beyond recognition and has started getting bored of it due to it not look like prey anymore There used to be a huge plume, a bell, and several more strands of feather. I pluck loose feathers too so Rivel can't accidentally swallow them...
  20. Hoboforeternity

    i jumped from a chair and cat saw it as threat and now scared of me :(

    I was taking something on the upper part of my cupboard on a chair. Rivel was around just chilling and i jumped and she seemed to be shocked by the noise i made and sudden earthquake (i am a big man haya) now she's hiding under the bed again. A behavior that she hasn't done since last week as...