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  1. Lucifigus

    Flea Treatment For Home (canada)

    I have returned from vacation and found my cat (Lucy) has fleas. As I research this invasion, I realize this is pretty insidious. although it may be impossible to figure out the vector for fleas coming in (Lucy is never outside), it may have been my cat sitter, who has a dog - perhaps not, and...
  2. Lucifigus

    The Secret Life Of Cats - The Lion In Your Living Room

    This is a 45 minute presentation from a Canadian Science series on TV: The Nature of Things. It has some interesting information about our little gems.
  3. Lucifigus


    I posted this in Lucy's introduction in the New Cats on the Block, but there are some software glitches and the black did not come through (although a "save picture as" save an accurate copy. The border seems to avoid that problem. I like trying silhouette shots, and this one illustrates...
  4. Lucifigus

    Material Preference To Be Comfortable

    There is a behavior in my cat, Lucy that I wonder if people have any observations or knowledge to comment. I think of Lucy as being very tactile. She likes to knead a bit before settling down. Lucy seems to love a new blanket or throw, and sometimes it will become a new favourite for a while...
  5. Lucifigus


    Lucy was mistreated in her earlier life, before I got her from the shelter. We have few play options because she does not like anything physical. But fluffy blanket play is fair game.
  6. Lucifigus

    Hello, Let Me Introduce You To Lucy

    A few years ago, I courted what I thought was a stray cat. Although it was December and she looked cold and hungry, as it turned out, she belonged to someone. A couple days before Christmas, I went to the shelter and adopted Lucy. Lucy had been seized from a house with 20 cats; I was led to...
  7. Lucifigus

    Stress And Coat Softness

    This is a casual question, but I am curious and I thought this might be the place to get some opinions. I picked up a cat from a shelter a few years ago. She was seized from a place with 20 cats, and did not have a good sense of human interaction. I also determined that she had been...