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  1. popcorncharlie

    Looking for some advice about food please

    In my experience (and I've had vets tell me the same thing), the recommended portions on dry cat/dog food bags tend to be very high. They might be good if you have a very active pet, but for most it's way too much. I'd consider lowering the dry portion and feeding FF pate (maybe try adding a...
  2. popcorncharlie

    Fellow Vegetarians?

    I just picked up The Blue Zones Kitchen cookbook. Sooo good. Tons of relatively simple, delicious and very nutritious recipes based on five worldwide "blue zones" -- where the longest living people on Earth live. Surprise: they all eat almost exclusively plant-based diets. :)
  3. popcorncharlie

    Fancy Feast... cat crack!?

    Charlie loves FF. He gets 1/2 a can for dinner every night. Only the pate's as they seem to be more substantial. Caution: do NOT buy the Ocean Whitefish FF pate unless you want your entire house to smell. :barfgreen: Oh man, it's sooo stinky.
  4. popcorncharlie

    Cats in the car!

    Basically the same here. I took Charlie in the car once in awhile when he was younger and he just looked out the window or laid down mostly. Nowadays, we put him in his carrier for short rides but still occasionally leave the roof of his carrier open so he can peak out.
  5. popcorncharlie

    Cats in the car!

    My buddy Charlie was my copilot recently. :biggrin:
  6. popcorncharlie

    What is your feeding schedule like?

    1/4 cup dry food at 6:30 in the morning in the automatic feeder (otherwise he wakes the whole family with constant meowing), and then 1/2 can wet food in the evening. This usually tides him over. :)
  7. popcorncharlie

    I’m more comfy than you!

    Charlie is comfy on a leash. Haha! :)
  8. popcorncharlie

    "It's finger-lickin' good!" Show me cats that eat right off your hands!

    I'll have to see if I make a video, but my Charlie eats small pieces of popcorn and/or potato chips out of my hand. :flail:
  9. popcorncharlie


    You could try mixing powdered Taurine with tuna water (or canned/wet food), maybe? Stir it together and add to Cleo's food.