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  1. purrfect mom

    Is My Cat Eating Enough Fiber?

    I am on making this thread because my cat is eating weird little fibers, although she eats primarily dry food which is the best food available. What amt of fiber should it have? thx
  2. purrfect mom

    Help! Brought 4 - month old kitten back from being neutered and now his mom/sister keep hissing at him =

    I've never seen anything like it. Mom is now hissing at her daughter as well. Male neutered kitten seems befuddled. What to do? Thanks!
  3. purrfect mom

    Hi! If my cat has another litter, will existing 2 kittens in family (then would be about 7 mos.) attack new kittens?

    Hi! . Kittens now are 4.5 mos. old. In part because, due to covid, it's taking so long to get a spay apptmt and in the meantime my cat has heat symptoms, I am wondering if I let her have 1 more litter, will the pre-existing kittens find the newly-hatched kittens and paw them/attack/interfere...
  4. purrfect mom

    Spaying a cat: actual research showing the pros/cons? Experiences with low-cost spay clinics as opposed to private vets?

    Hello, all. I was reading through a 2014 post re pros/cons of spaying a cat. We took in my kitty -- who seemed to be living in our yard during the rainy months of November and we had twice found curled up on our porch mat last July -- and she accidentally got out in Jan. and had 5 perfect...
  5. purrfect mom

    Natural or any other remedies for cat in heat before can be spayed?

    Hi! Everyone is always so helpful on this site. My poor cat has been in heat for about 3 weeks (gave birth 2.75 mos. ago). I have received conflicting advice on where to go for the spay; one very experienced cat owner said to go to a local vet and not the high volume local spay/neuter clinic...
  6. purrfect mom

    My Tortie is getting more and more finicky.

    Hi! We have bought several diff. kinds of the best quality food. She knows where we keep it and the act of pulling the tab off the can. Hence, she seems to only want it out of can. If refrigerated -- only for a few hrs -- she will generally look at me as if I have served her chunks of cement and...
  7. purrfect mom

    New kitten questions - updated

    Hi! One kitten sometimes plays with littermates, but often is hiding in a corner/nook somewhere while others are rough-housing. She was however, just feeding while one of the more rambunctious and larger kittens had to scramble to find a spot. She seems a little more scared than littermates. I...
  8. purrfect mom

    Can a kitten be injured falling over side of a cardboard wine box? Why would queen move 3-week old kittens into a small, deep wine box?

    Hi! Any help you could give would be much appreciated. Cat had 5 kittens -- all seemed healthy. Almost 3 weeks old. Queen moved nest for 3rd time today into very crowded room into a cardboard wine box on a bed. We hadn't seen kitty for a few hours, heard a weird noise, she was very agitated. one...