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    Question for breeders

    Can I ask the breeders here a question? I understand that you chose mates for your cats to improve the lines and breeding standards, but can it go too far? Some friends and I went to the on Saturday. We were quite upset by some of the things that had been done to...
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    Cat toy warning

    Forwarded w/ permission: WARNING – Get Rid of Toys made from Pipe Cleaners!!! I just want to warn everyone of a danger that never occurred to me until this weekend. At various shows, I have received little cat toys made from pipe cleaners – often twisted to look like a bug or...
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    Birthday Sunday 15th July

    Happy Birthday Y4J
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    Birthdays Saturday 14th july

    Happy Birthday boobookitty and Anne Enjoy your special day
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    Bit of a break through

    This is the first time Daisy has ever let Tolly get that close
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    Happy Birthday 8th july

    Happy Birthday Pamela, Cattybird, Stormy'smom and Txchicka8585 Hope you all have a wonderful day
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    Birthdays 7th july

    Happy birthday Touro1979 & Kitkatz Enjoy your special day
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    Long lost cat

    This shows what a good thing it is to have your cat microchipped
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    Tolly's Birthday pic

    Full up and content after his belated birthday treat
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    I forgot Tolly's birthday

    He was 3 last week, and I forgot
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    Birthdays 1st July

    Happy Birthday Indokitty and TrixtersMomma Enjoy your special day
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    Happy Birthday 30th June

    Happy Birthday Misha
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    Chloe helping to make the bed
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    Uk Tv

    Did anyone else watch this? It was the funniest thing I have seen for ages.
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    Happy Birthday 24th June

    Happy Birthday Greycat2 and Bob'sMom
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    Birthdays 23rd June

    Zinc and WhiskerWood Enjoy your special day
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    Tolly Chloe & Daisy

    They sort of co-operated Tolly talking as usual. Chloe with her hurry up i have things to do look Daisy who was asleep and didn't want her photo taken anyway
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    This was in London today While they were waiting to do the flypast, the helicopters were circling our house
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    Birthday Sunday 17th June

    Happy Birthday Sharonkay & abnihon Have a great day
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    Happy Birthday 6.16.06

    Lisalee SnowLeop Apollotrigger Have a wonderful day