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    Crusty Ears and Red near mouth.

    Hi all! We recently adopted an 11 week old kitten who has been nothing but a hilarious joy. When we got her, she had crusted discharge all over her nose, some weird crusty stuff on her ears, and to this day still has minimal discharge coming out of her eyes. She seems to be in good health...
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    What breed/color is she?

    Hello all! I understand that my strange little kitten-like critter isn’t a purebred of any sort, I’m just curious to hear what you guys think she resembles the most. :) If anybody knows her color pattern, I’d love to hear about that too! :biggrin: Her Mom was feral calico pattern and I have no...
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    Anybody have Orange Tabbies for Adoption in NJ?

    Hi all! We have been searching for multiple weeks for an orange tabby kitten 3 months old or under. If anybody knows of a kitten for adoption through a private person, shelter, or adoption agency, I would love to hear about it! We have searched through 6 different shelters, and have looked at...