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  1. kmbishop111

    Feral With Open Wound -- Healing??

    Does anyone have any tips on what worked for them in helping a wound like this heal? I can pet him now and he will even let me touch the area. He seems to want me to almost scratch it for him. I've got to get him past this point or this will never heal. Ugh. My Vet was out of Vetramycin so I...
  2. kmbishop111

    Anyone Believe In Signs From Afterlife? What Do You Think Of This?

    Hello @Antonio65 !! I have been absent from this site until very recently. I checked the only message in my inbox today and it was a message regarding your kitty angel Pallina asking for prayers. The message was 1 year ago to the day. I'm not sure what type of sign that may be but I'd like to...
  3. kmbishop111

    Feral With Open Wound -- Healing??

    Yes, picking up some Vetrimycin Monday now that he's decided to be a lovebug.
  4. kmbishop111

    Feral With Open Wound -- Healing??

    Hi! The vet seemed to be very optimistic, the granular bed looked excellent, no signs of infection at that point. Gave an injection of Convenia. The wound was looking excellent until last night, he scratched part of the new tissue off. Still healing wonderfully AND I can pet him now. So this is...
  5. kmbishop111

    Feral With Open Wound -- Healing??

    Hi all!! Samuel is a feral I recently came to care for. He had a bite wound abscess that looked horrible. I trapped him last Friday and took him to the vet. They cleaned and debrided the wound, neutered him, and gave him an injection of Convenia. I hadn't seen him in 4 days until this morning...
  6. kmbishop111

    Ferals And Raccoons

    Try feeding during the day, raccoons are generally nocturnal. :)
  7. kmbishop111

    Is This The Same Cat? Opinions Needed.

    I would say this is the same cat. I circled the banding winter pic vs now.
  8. kmbishop111

    Is This The Same Cat? Opinions Needed.

    Gosh, tough one. I was able to match up 2 bands on the leg. If you only had a pic from same angle, huh? I feel your pain.
  9. kmbishop111

    Feral Cats Dont Meow?

    Very true, I have one feral which I have been caring for since she was a kitten that is very vocal! (She is 3 yrs old now) Lola will always start meowing as soon as she sees my SUV. Mind you, I still can't get within a comfortable distance of 4 feet from her but she always greets me. I also...
  10. kmbishop111


    First off I would like to say thank you for caring about this little cat and looking after her well being! A lot of people would just look the other way, but you didn't! I'm sorry also for the situation your in but believe me when I say, I understand COMPLETELY where your coming from. Most all...
  11. kmbishop111

    Petsafe Scoopfree Self Cleaning Litter Box

    Love, love, love it!! I have 4 "permanent" inside cats, along with several fosters. All of my permanent kitties use the Petsafe box. Little or no smell, no cleaning, I replace the tray every 3 weeks or sometimes a month. Don't know how I lived without this!!
  12. kmbishop111

    Relocating Colony

    Update: The relocation is going very nicely. I'm seeing a lot of my cats hanging out at the back of the property and in the tree lines!! And the best news ever came tonight, I saw my Henrietta!!!! :yess: I don't know if one of the cats he found looked a lot like her or what the miscommunication...
  13. kmbishop111

    Relocating Colony

    He had no reason to claim those specific two were dead. Their are several others in the colony. I've went over it in my head a thousand times trying to figure out a reason he might lie to me but can come up with none. I keep hoping to see them, but in my heart I know they're gone. :sniffle: The...
  14. kmbishop111

    Relocating Colony

    I don't even know where to start without ending up in tears. This week I pulled up to feed at my very first colony. It is located beside a mini-storage building and behind an abandoned, but for sale, restaurant. This building has been empty for years now, so I guess it just didn't occur to me...
  15. kmbishop111

    Feral Wants To Go Outside Again

    Welcome to TCS @Babypaws !! Thank you for making the decision to take in this little family and keep them safe and loved!! It's a wonderful thing you're doing. It looks like everyone has given some wonderful advice!! I'll just add that I'm socializing 2 greys at the moment, Izzi and Ebby. I...
  16. kmbishop111

    Show Me Your Traps

    Hi all! Long story short, my TNR organization has recently joined forces with a much larger local animal rescue group.:dance: It's been a bit chaotic to say the least. I'm used to having everything "up in my head" and not everything on paper. Needless to say, I've been quite busy with...
  17. kmbishop111

    One Of My Ferals Let Me Pet Him Last Night!!

    I know, i know. I still look for her every day and call for her. I keep holding out some kind of some hope that IDK. It's just SOOOOOO hard when one up and disappears. I've looked and looked for her little body, at least I could give her a proper burial but no sign of her. I don't know what...

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