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  1. nimlezz

    She doesn't want wet food? What do i do?

    I started giving my cat wet food and a little bit of dry food and she only licks the wet food. She wont really eat it . What do i do. I want her to stay hydrated and i know dry food does the exact opposite.
  2. nimlezz

    Cutest/weirdest cat you will ever see...

    I think its adorbz
  3. nimlezz

    Photoshoot part 2!!

    Part 2 guys ;)!!
  4. nimlezz

    Photoshoot thread! Show me your kitties :)!!!

    We'll star of with my baby girl;)!
  5. nimlezz

    Underneath my blankie

  6. nimlezz

    Stomach ache (not really lol; just a caption)

    "AAGGGGGHH!!!.............: Don't ever..... feed me ....Friskies again!!!!"
  7. nimlezz

    Cutie <3

  8. nimlezz

    HELP! Going on vacation! How do i set up the food i leave fow her..?!

    Im going on vacation 3 hours away from here and im confused on how to set up the food that i leave for her? The water isnt a problem but what if she eats most of the food the first day and the next to she goes hungry?? And what about the litterbox? What if she poops in places around the house...
  9. nimlezz


    My mom is freaking out on me because everyday Meesh throws up huge hairballs o. The carpet. I groom her everyday but i think theres a whole lot of hair on her belly side but evrytime i try to groom that part she bites me. (She was declawed when i adopted her so she cant really scratch me..)...
  10. nimlezz

    New headband coolar

    Like it ...? IMG ALT=""]http://www.thecatsite.com/content/type/61/id/191265/width/1000/height/1000[/IMG]
  11. nimlezz

    Hey babe

  12. nimlezz

    Model: Level?.... EXPERT.

    Model...Level: EXPERT.:lol3 LIKE A BOSS: ;)
  13. nimlezz

    Post a picture of your guilty cats

    Post below :)!!!
  14. nimlezz

    She loves my (fake) singing...

    The things i do home alone with Meesh.......
  15. nimlezz

    Cutest of your cat vidoes here!

    Post below please!! Watch mine first!:) thanks!
  16. nimlezz

    My fluffy babe

  17. nimlezz

    Post a picture of your cat yawning ;)

    Unfortuantley, everytime Habiba yawns, i never have the camera ready..: lol but im sure you all have some pics of yours yawning :)! So post below!:)
  18. nimlezz

    Post a pic of your cat being lazy

    Hey guys! Lets start a photo thread of our adorable lazy friends! :)
  19. nimlezz

    My name is Habiba! :D

    :lol3::lol3: Im new here guys :)! My name is habiba and i am 5 years old. I was adopted on november 20, 2013!:) and i loveeeee my mommy :)!