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  1. GoldyCat

    My gray/blue cat

    She does have some features that are similar to a Russian Blue, but she can't be purebred because Russians have brilliant green eyes, no other color. She does not appear to have any Siamese in her. Siamese are pointed cats, meaning the cooler points--face, ears, tail, legs--are a darker color...
  2. GoldyCat


    It's definitely safe. Whether it will freak him out is another question. Every longhair show cat gets blow-dried with every show bath. It will be best if you have a place where you can contain him in case he runs away from the dryer. One of my friends has a metal patio table with holes in...
  3. GoldyCat

    BIG Cat Tree Recs Please!

    If you're able to get to a cat show in your area, some shows have a vendor who makes cat trees. If they don't have one that suits you they would likely take tv an order for a custom tree. The show flyers will have a phone number for the show manager and some list the vendor coordinator. You'd...
  4. GoldyCat

    Stud service

    You need to read your contract. If you bought the cat without breeding rights, there may also be a clause stating consequences if you do breed her. I know a number of Maine Coon breeders in the southwest, and I know absolutely not one of them will provide stud services if you don't have...
  5. GoldyCat

    Lofty thoughts on DIY sifting Iitterbox?

    You could clean the litter boxes more often and not have to worry about remodeling them.
  6. GoldyCat

    EZ egg yolk shipping?

    Have you had a chance to try it? How did it go?
  7. GoldyCat

    Reverse Fur Matting?

    A comb will work much better on mats than a brush. One with round metal teeth, not too close together, can be worked through some of the mats. Sometimes the mats are not actually attached to the skin any more and are just being held by other fur. In that case just getting the comb close to...
  8. GoldyCat

    Neighbours elderly cat is living on my doorstep.

    Since you've already contacted the neighbors you could talk to them again and ask if they mind if you take the cat inside.
  9. GoldyCat

    Found The Perfect Toothbrush!

    I'm going to have to look for those. They don't work well will my teeth, but I never thought about using them for the cats.
  10. GoldyCat

    Is Royal Canin Bad For Cats?

    Cats cannot digest corn. That means it basically fills them up without giving them any nutrition.
  11. GoldyCat

    Can I Put A Collar On Someone Else’s Cat?

    You think she's going to come over to try to put a collar on Gibsy? :spew:
  12. GoldyCat

    He Stands Up To Pee

    As a temporary fix, you could get some large bed pads (chux, if you know what those are). Tape one to the wall and tuck one end under the litter box. That way the pee should be contained/absorbed and not pool under the box.
  13. GoldyCat

    Breed Thoughts?

    Domestic shorthair. Her color/pattern is blue (dilute of black) mackerel tabby.
  14. GoldyCat

    Two Black Cats Possible Bombays?

    Bombays have much rounder heads and smaller rounded ears. Your cats look like Domestic Shorthair (DSH) cats. I don't see anything that would make them a specific breed.
  15. GoldyCat

    Are These Black Smoke Kittens?

    If you're set on having a black smoke cat, I would wait on paying a deposit until you're sure about the color.
  16. GoldyCat

    Tabby Stripes??

    Tabby is a pattern, which can occur in many different colors. Can you post a picture, or give us a more detailed description?
  17. GoldyCat

    Help And Advice, Please

    Do you have a friend who could take Milo as a foster, and your son could visit him frequently? Can your son's room be closed off so Milo could be kept in there--with food, water, and litter box--whenever Gracie is in the house?
  18. GoldyCat

    Obsessive Over Grooming

    Have you had her tested for allergies? When my cat was overgrooming I tried changing food, changing litter, steroid shots, tried every calming agent out there short of prescription drugs. When I finally had her tested it turned out that her allergies were almost completely unrelated to what I...
  19. GoldyCat

    Is Flea Treatment Really Necessary For A Strictly Indoor Cat?

    Where do you live? I'm in an area that does not have a huge flea problem, and I've never treated any of my indoor cats for fleas. Even the ones who came in from being outdoor cats didn't bring fleas with them.
  20. GoldyCat

    Traveling On Trains

    I travel with my show cats fairly often, so they're used to being in carriers for long periods of time. I do have one cat who flies very well but complains the whole way in an airport shuttle or a train. I think you'll just have to try it out one time to see how they take it. How long is the...