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  1. Spookyandsammy

    Shes a terror

    I let spooky free when I'm home alone she gets into everything and I have to put her back in my room I dont know as of right now shes getting fixed in January I had to reschedule it but shes sleeps alot and I'm hoping shes not getting depressed from being inside my room all day
  2. Spookyandsammy

    Guess Who's In Heat ?

    Its sandwich and I feel so bad she's like meowing non stop her tail is to the side and idk how to sooth her she's indoors and her mom wants to wait for her to have kittens when she's older
  3. Spookyandsammy

    Asthma And Allergies

    My friend has a long haired kitten her son has chronic Asthma and allergies her daughter wants to keep him but how can they help make it so he can stay and keep pet dandruff away and stuff she really loves him but they have to find a home I can't take him i have spooky
  4. Spookyandsammy

    Has Anyone Try This

    I would love to get spooky and sandwich to try this anyone have any luck ?
  5. Spookyandsammy

    Is Love

    Here's a sandwich
  6. Spookyandsammy

    Skittish Cat / Poop Smell

    I have two questions in one post 1 how do I get tookie (Spooky) out from under my bed and help her be around people without being scared she runs off when I'm trying to pet her and when people are around I feel so bad. I don't want to give her up she's been in my room for so long I'm still...
  7. Spookyandsammy


    Ok I'm sure this will be moved but I'm over some ones house and spooky is with me she wants to explore but she's not allowed to go upstairs how do I get her to not go upstairs I have to keep her in the room I'm in or hold her
  8. Spookyandsammy

    Human Anxiety For Cats

    So I'm gone for a week and I'm having major anxiety away from my cats. Their prob having a house party do you think their going to be mad because I don't want them thinking I'm abandoning them
  9. Spookyandsammy


    SO I had this bad smell in the bathroom Couldnt pinpoint where it was but it was on a towel I think sandwich is marking her territory or she's freaked out about something. What can I do to calm or help her I think she might be going into heat if they spray right ? She's gotta be like 9 months...
  10. Spookyandsammy


    Theirs toys with feathers does anyone cat eat the feathers how can I keep her from eating them when the toy comes with it
  11. Spookyandsammy


    Spooky loves to chew and eat everything I think she might have pica I don't know if its normal for them she also carries marbles in her mouth and throws it to play with it I try to stop her before she takes off like a bat out of hell whatever shes eating is gone
  12. Spookyandsammy

    Cat Chews Cords

    Um we have a situation with spooky chewing cords she is chewing stuff that is plugged in and un plugged how do I break that she's chewed through a bunch I'm frustrated
  13. Spookyandsammy

    Wake Up Call

    Does anyone's cat decide they wanna be fed at 6 am and meows at the door I give up and feed her and then sandwich will start in then she's all purrs headbutts and cuddles until I open the door to make her great excape out of my room but I have to keep her in my room what else can I do...
  14. Spookyandsammy

    Bath Time

    Spooky seems to be itching so I'm gonna tempt to give her a bath Mane 'n Tail Shampoo it's safe on cats should I put it in the spray bottle with water and mix it. And do it that way she doesn't have claw covers on her claws
  15. Spookyandsammy

    Sad Cat Mom

    Spooky grew out of her old collar idk where to put this but does anyone keep their stuff they had since they were kitten I have her first collar on my keys
  16. Spookyandsammy

    No Not Again ☹️

    Oh God I thought I found a worm but I didn't see anything else um could be the ones she had before she's pooping out I'm scared rn
  17. Spookyandsammy

    Moms Having Anxiety

    I have to leave for a week and a half I can't take her with me and I am having anxiety leaving spooky and sammy alone I am freaking out her separation anxiety is gonna be so bad shes crying when i leave to work
  18. Spookyandsammy

    Outside Walk

    So I kinda wanna try getting spooky on a leash for walks shes getting heavy to lift so what is the best way to get her aclmated to this I'm afraid shes going to disown me if I try
  19. Spookyandsammy

    What Is This About

    Does anyone know why they do this they scratch like their in the litter box like their covering something sammy and spooky both do it
  20. Spookyandsammy

    Why Do Cats Do This

    what is wrong with them attacking my feet I'm about had it with spooky their under my blanket she turns into an assassin every day and gets into everything I put stuff high she knocks it down help