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    My vet gave my new kitten Convenia. Now I'm freaking out :(

    Most cats who get Convenia are fine. I've used it several times myself with no ill effects. I know reading about the bad reactions is scary, but that's a very small percentage of cats who are given Convenia. Of course keep a good eye on him and call the vet right away if you see signs of a bad...
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    Corona Virus Now Spreading

    Hmm, I'm not sure if that's a risk. Unless you touch their clothes it's probably not going to spread.
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    Question of the day - Thursday 13 August

    None that I know of. A couple years ago while on vacation in Florida I broke out in hives (never had them before! Not fun!) the night after eating crabcakes for dinner, but I had done several other things that day---went to the beach, swam in the ocean, got bug bites, etc.---so I can't guarantee...
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    Deworm pregnant cat

    Well they're dead now. That's what the dewormer is for.
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    is it really normal for female cat in heat to pee a lot?

    The biological imperative. . . Hang in there! When is her appointment?
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    Deworm pregnant cat

    Eww. That's not discharge; that's dead worms :eek2: . Well at least they're out of her system before the babies get here, yuck.
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    Sudden aversion to flirt pole

    Fornow, just try to keep the "birdie" on the ground, or maybe paw high, so she can bat at it but not jump. Once her confidence is up, maybe she'll feel like jumping again. But also, if she doesn't get her mojo back soon, it might be a good idea to take her to the vet for an x-ray. She might...
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    Himalayan or Ragdoll

    Yeah I'm thinking BYB Ragdoll. He has the fine flat fur that other longhairs don't have. Aww, poor boy looked so scared at the shelter! And now he's a confident kitty!
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    Chewy Website Is Not All It's Cut Out To Be!

    A deep dent can get to the point of compromising the seal, if it's too close to a seam. So it doesn't even have to be visibly cracked. But usually you can tell when you open it. . . :eek2:
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    The "what's On Your Mind?" Thread -2020

    Vet just called, Zeke is done with his neuter. He has a deformed jaw so I asked her to take a look at that (every time I looked in his mouth all I saw was teeth sticking out in every direction), and in the end she had to remove 10 teeth. Poor little guy! She said it looks like his jaw was broken...
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    Corona Virus Now Spreading

    The town my parents live in has issued an emergency resolution "encouraging" mask use. They provided all businesses with a sign saying: "Masks expected by city resolution out of respect for your health and others" I'm not at all sure what "expecting" mask use will do if it's not required...
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    Chewy Website Is Not All It's Cut Out To Be!

    Hmm, Chewy always puts cardboard covers on the canned food for me, and packs tightly so they don't rattle around. Amazon though. . .nope. Not even air pillows most of the time, and often the box is too big so the cases bang around a lot. But they usually aren't too badly dented so I just deal...
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    What's For Dinner? - 2020

    I have 3 ears of corn that have to be eaten soon. Last time I made it elote style with mayonnaise and "everything but the elote" seasoning from TJ's. That was pretty good, I'll probably do the same thing tonight. I also have some watermelon that has to be eaten soon.
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    is it really normal for female cat in heat to pee a lot?

    Yeah that's probably just her version of marking. She's very polite to keep it in the litterbox!
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    Unconventional food

    Yes, when I had a cat who had dental surgery, I made him a mix of Babycat and Gerber chicken baby food. It's very smooth so it's easy for them to lap up. But if he's used to shredded chicken he might not like smooth food, that's why I said Fancy Feast Purely might work.
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    Malnourished 5 week old kitten

    Some vets like them to be fully dried up but if the vet is willing, she can be spayed as soon as the kittens aren't dependent on her milk (just in case she makes them stop nursing after the surgery), even if they're still nursing sometimes. So usually 8 or 9 weeks. Be sure to keep her away...
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    Unconventional food

    How long has it been? If it's been more than a few weeks you really want to get him on a balanced diet soon. How long has it been since the surgery? Maybe he'd be willing to eat some of the cat food that's basically just shredded chicken, like Fancy Feast Purely. It's expensive but he really...
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    Question of the day, Wednesday August 12

    Kittens often try to play with the other kitten, lol. And an adult cat seeing a mirror for the first time will often react too. But once they know what it is they just ignore it. My family's first dog, if you put some paint/chalk/etc. on her forehead or ear and showed her a mirror, would see...
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    Help sexing kittens

    Torbies/torties/calicos are (almost) always girls. Yep, all girls!
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    Malnourished 5 week old kitten

    Give her as much KMR as she'll take. She's also old enough to start on solids, although she should still have KMR too. Start with Gerber chicken baby food. Once she gets the hang of that, try canned Fancy Feast kitten food mixed with KMR to make a mush. feed her as much as she'll eat 4 or 5...