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  1. morganalefae

    Introducing lab pup to cats?

    Me and the hubby (mostly me tho) have been thinking of getting a puppy for quite some time, but had put the idea on the back burner once my girl had kittens now the kitten will be 10 weeks old and will be going to their new homes this sunday and needless to say the last 4 days my mind has been...
  2. morganalefae

    Six new kittens

    I thought I would post a update (see my other thread here) and let me start off by saying I feel bad for my girl cat. in mid to late oct she came into heat and my husband was suppose to put her in our bed room with he fav toys, food and believe it or not movie. Well to make a long story short he...
  3. morganalefae

    Desexing pro's & cons & how long does a heat cycle last?

    Well my girl banshee finally has gone into her first heat at all most a year old (I heard for some breeds this is normal) and I'm wondering how long a heat cycle lasts (I heard from a week to 2 weeks) and how often they happen (I heard every 14-21 days) is what I heard correct? Also what are...
  4. morganalefae

    Discolouration of claws and the causes

    I just went to trim my boy Sheamus's nails and found that one of his dew claws is discoloured at the base. as far as I know he has had no trama to it. and I have never cut his nails short. I also try to make sure I trim them at lest every 2-3 week as this is what my vet recommened. anyone have...
  5. morganalefae

    Colour genes and what you could except?

    I'm unsure were to post this question so if it needs to be moved please move it to were it needs to be cheers. I have been talking to other breeders since some of my first posts about my cats and lots of them have been helpful until I start asking about what colour one can except from a...
  6. morganalefae

    How to treat bee & wasp stings I various parts of a cat

    Ok I'm asking this cuz my silly female oriental cat decided to play with a bee or wasp her lower jaw is a lil swollen bothing breathing problems or anything just some swelling, she is eating drinking  "yelling" at me when I stop her from playing with things that fly (other then her toys) I can't...
  7. morganalefae

    Dry & Wet Food Storage For Future Use?

    Ok recently my husband has been going on about building a fall out bunker/basement in our UK end terrence home (love the idea of a good sealed dry basement!) But now he also wants me to look into how to store food for longer i.e can,frozen and fresh (fresh both inside a fridge and outside of it...
  8. morganalefae

    Picky 10 1/2 week old female kitten and wet food problem

    Ok I talked about getting this same kitten to eat hard food on another thread (I have since given up on doing it) now my problem is she is picky about her wet food now! I have tried a "cheap" but well known/liked brand here in the UK called Felix  we got her the kitten one and she ate that for a...
  9. morganalefae

    Behavior issues & neutering

    So I thought my male cat was getting over the whole over biting and using his claws thing (even tried saying no and left the room played with him to get his mind off going after me and it seemed to work for a little bit) but in the last 2 weeks it has steadily gotten worse. yesterday he got a...
  10. morganalefae

    Getting a 8 week old kitten to eat hard food

    I just recently bought a friend for my cat Sheamus the Lilac-point Siamese who I posted about not to long ago here on the site, our newest addition is a little blue oriental female called banshee (she has not stopped wailing since we got her), But from day one we have had to feed her wet food or...
  11. morganalefae

    3-5 month old cat "plays" in litter box how to stop it!

    In only the last few days I have noticed my male siamese kitten just start using his litter box as a toy he will go in there when he does not have to go and just sit there and play in it. he is getting litter all over the now and the excessive scratching of the sand is driving me up the wall...
  12. morganalefae

    Blue point or lillac point?

    I bought my little siamese boy Sheamus nov 30 2014 and the lady I bought him from said he was a blue point. I have had him for almost 2 weeks and since he has been with us he has gotten lighter in colour.  now is mum was a chocolate point siamese and his da was a red tabby point siamese both...
  13. morganalefae

    3 month old siamese boy with round tummy

    My fiance just bought me Sheamus a 3 month old Siamese male kitten yesterday and he is just the cutest little fella but his tummy is a bit on the big side and I do not see any signs of worms in his poo or anything. now I have had lots of cats and kittens even wild kittens and they have never had...