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  1. murphyboy

    Best Time To Neuter?

    Hello, everyone! I was curious when the best time to neuter my boy? He was born in September. Being told five months because there is an older cat, older female cat in the same household. My biggest fear/nightmare is him spraying/peeing everywhere. If he does it, the female will do it as...
  2. murphyboy

    Breed And Eye Color

    Hello, everyone! This is Murphy! 9 weeks old! I was wondering what type of kitten he was and what color his eyes were?
  3. murphyboy

    Vet Trip Changed My Kitten? Help!

    I went to the vet maybe two/three days ago. Before, my kitten, Murphy was a happy, cuddle bug, and full of kisses. Now, after vaccinations and some deworming, he has changed a little bit. Like I would go for a pet, he would run off. He sometimes allow it. He doesn’t bite me or anything bad. It...
  4. murphyboy

    My First Male Kitten

    Hello, everyone! My name is Amy and my new kitten is named Murphy, Murphy Boy, or Murph! I adopted the little love bug almost a week ago and I am absolutely in love this boy. He is the sweetest, friendliest, and cuddliest kitten I have ever owned! I joined this site because I want to share...