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  1. azalea87

    My ratty boys

     I posted some pics of my cats Azalea & Jaxx in the introduction forum before I realized this forum existed. I'll share some pictures of my 3 ratties, Koby, Haze and Milo for any ratty lovers out there. Haze & Koby are about 7-8 months old and little Milo is about 4 months old.  I found Koby &...
  2. azalea87

    My sweet kitties <3

    Hello :) Thought I would introduce myself and my kitties and share some pictures. I'm a 24 year old student, from Canada. I've grown up with kitties all my life. My best friend growing up was a big, fluffy boy named Grimalkin. He passed away last June at 13 years old. Animals and fighting for...
  3. azalea87

    Concerned for my new kitty's health & happiness

    Hey everyone... I adopted a 2 month old tortoishell kitten in December, her name is Azalea and she's now 5 months old. I absolutely adore her. She's hilarious and full of personality. :) Last week, a friend told me that a couple she works with were looking for a new home for their 3 year old cat...