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  1. paul n steve

    One window, Two cats

    Well, I have my two brothers Steve and Paul. They share a window, but when Paul is in the window, Steve feels like he can just jump up there anytime and knock Paul away. He'll hiss too. But when Steve is in the window, Paul wouldn't ever attempt to try to jump up there.  It's awesome, it's in...
  2. paul n steve

    Runny eye

    My cat Paul has one eye today that is runny and looks like he has been crying (out of his right eye) It looks like normal eye boogers, goober gathers in the corner along with a little runny tears. just more today than usual. I use warm water and soft toilet paper to gently wipe it off. Is it...
  3. paul n steve

    Silver Steve & Paul Paul

    Had to add a few pictures of my sons!
  4. paul n steve

    My cats vs my mom's cats

    Ok- 4 cats total living in a nice sized home. (1 girl, 3 boys- all spade & neutered)  My 2 cats (Steve and Paul) and I live in the basement. There is plenty of light & windows, food & water, beds and comfy high spots for them down there.  I let them come upstairs in the morning (between 4am and...
  5. paul n steve

    Steve choked on his food- (but turned out okay!!)

    Okay. This is a very hard story for me to tell, because when I think about it I can cry. But everything turned out well and I learned a lesson. Our food & water dish used to be on the floor. Steve was eating one day and my boyfriend accidentally stepped on his tail. Well, Steve breathed in...
  6. paul n steve

    Silver Steve & Paul Paul

    Here are my kids!            Steve!                                                                   Paul Paul (Honey Bear)          Steve                                                                   Paul             Steve                                                          ...
  7. paul n steve

    One alpha and one gamma

    I have two cats- Steve is the alpha male and Paul is the gamma male. They are both neutered. They are absolutely spoiled, loved and cared for with the upmost respect and honor. They get along fine, since they've been together since they were kittens.  I treat them like children! (Probably better...