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  1. cassiopea

    You Get A Call From The Principal.....

    Well, since my kitties are notorious for opening doors and getting into things, I suspect they would have broken into some stuff to steal :lol: Either at the cafeteria or stealing something from the principal's office!
  2. cassiopea

    Question of the Day - Tuesday, August 11

    Salutations to all! Happy Tuesday ~ What would a world populated by clones of you be like? A world populated by me would be a kind world where all animals would be treated like gold and all intellectual pursuits would blossom. But also a world of annoying overthinking and...
  3. cassiopea

    Question of the Day - Tuesday, August 4

    Greetings! A warm welcome to the first Tuesday of August :) What do you prefer to wear when you go swimming? A one piece, bikini, monokini, tank, swimshorts, briefs, swimdress etc Normally I favor bikinis, but last summer I went ahead and got a monokini design since I was...
  4. cassiopea

    If Your Cats Had Pockets....

    Tippy Toes: Map to buried treasure or of the world for a sea faring adventure Morgana: Diamonds Liffey: Mice Everyone else: Temptations cat treats :lol:
  5. cassiopea

    Question of the Day - Tuesday, July 28

    Hello Hello! Happy Tuesday! Is there is a specific smell/fragrance that brings you back to a happy memory? For me at the moment, walking on the busy street on a hot sunny day with the smell of cigarettes in the air. Reminds me of my trip to Rome :lol: totally transports me...
  6. cassiopea

    Question of the Day - Tuesday, July 21

    Hello everyone! Happy Tuesday :redheartpump: What TV channel doesn’t exist but really should? For me, proper Travel Channels. I technically have two but they have morphed into completely other things 🤷‍♀️ Now it's primarily "Reality TV" and Paranormal shows. Granted, I like...
  7. cassiopea

    Question of the Day - Tuesday, July 14

    Hello Hello! Happy Bastille Day! If you could travel to one of the planets, which planet would you go to? (Where you can actually visit safely without repercussions to your body and mind) Either Neptune or Jupiter. Neptune to see what it's like being among blue slushy ice gas...
  8. cassiopea

    Describe Your Favourite Movie.....

    (Like many others I of course have more than one fave, so here goes!) A paleontologist visits a park with lot's of dinosaurs Two detectives from different parts of the world go find a politicians kid somewhere Girl dresses up as a boy and goes to war with a pet reptile and horse
  9. cassiopea

    Question of the Day - Tuesday, July 7

    Hello to all! Happy first Tuesday of July! So let's go ahead and do a light summery question for today: Where's the most beautiful beach you've been to? It's been awhile since, but first comes to mind is definitely Saint Francois (and all the surrounding areas) in Guadeloupe...
  10. cassiopea

    Happy Canada Day!

    Happy Canada Day to all my wonderful fellow Canadians out there! 🇨🇦 And lot's of love and well wishes to everyone in the world!
  11. cassiopea

    Question of the Day - Tuesday, June 30

    Hello Everyone! Happy Tuesday! (Or July Eve har har) :happycat: What’s fine in small numbers but terrifying in large numbers? Spiders. Nope. Nope nope nope nope. Totally cool with spotting one or two here and there, no problems. A massive hoard of them? Nah. Blame my...
  12. cassiopea

    The Last Three Digits Of Your Phone

    2 Kittens, 2 more Kittens and Cat Vids. Score! :yess: My last 3 digits are 449, thus the double number :biggrin:
  13. cassiopea

    Question of the Day - Tuesday, June 23

    Hello to all! Happy Tuesday! :bluebutterfly: What topic could you spend hours talking about? For myself, I adore: - History - Travel - True Crime - Paranormal stuff And of course, kitties! (And animals in general) And I confess on the odd occasion, depending who I am...
  14. cassiopea

    Happy Father's Day!

    Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful human dads and cat dads out there! :celebrate::woo::bluepaw:💙💚
  15. cassiopea

    Question of the Day - Tuesday, June 16

    Hey everyone! Happy Tuesday! :hellocat: What’s the weirdest/creepiest text, email or audio message you’ve ever gotten? A number of years ago I worked for a museum as an interpreter and tourguide for a 19th century military fort. I was dressed up in period costume and everything...
  16. cassiopea

    Question of the Day - Tuesday, June 9

    Greetings! I hope everyone is having a great Tuesday today! I stole this Q from a morning radio program I was listening to :lol: Since many of us are heading into the summer season too, I thought it would be fitting. Where is the worst/most annoying spot on the body to get a...
  17. cassiopea

    Question of the Day - Tuesday, June 2

    Hello Everyone! Happy first Tuesday of June! What Is Your Love Language? Here is the jist of the "5 Love Languages": I would say that I like a blend of Words of Affirmation and Acts of Service. And while I don't require gifts for myself, I realize I also do a little...
  18. cassiopea

    How Pet Owners Name Their Cats - What's Your Style?

    For the longest time I was naturally big on style 4 and 6, but lately seem to be lingering towards 1 and 7 by chance :lol: and a bit on the nature/location side via Meadow and Liffey, which I'll count as part of style 5.
  19. cassiopea

    Question of the Day - Tuesday, May 26

    Hello everyone! Happy Tuesday! So I had my birthday this past weekend! And sometime ago my friends and I had a chat on the pros and cons of being born in our said months (One is in January, the other August and myself in May) So got me thinking... What are the pros and cons about your...
  20. cassiopea

    Question of the Day - Tuesday, May 19

    Hello Everyone! Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone is well :catlove: I'm actually having a little bit of a difficult week - For one, my Great Pyrenees passed away the other day. It's been a bit of a lonely and sad experience but thankfully my kitties have been wonderful.Now on to the Q! Now...