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  1. Worom

    Mo's Food Trials

    Hi all, I've seen other posts where other cat parents post their food trial journey with their Kitties and I would like to do the same. If you've read previous post New Cat Parent with questions then you can skip to the bottom. Some background, I adopted Mo from a family friend who adopted a...
  2. Worom

    Hi All, First Time Cat Parent

    Hi everyone, First time cat parent here. I was always told cats were aloof. When I reality I have a very loving kitty, she isnt a lap cat and doesnt like to be picked up. But she loves her pets and attention, and surprisingly loves belly rubs. Say hello to Mo :)
  3. Worom

    New Cat Parent with questions

    Hi everyone, Sorry for the wall of text I'm a first time cat parent, I adopted a Female Dilute Calico Domestic Short Hair back in March of this year estimated to be around 3 years old at the time, she turned 4 in October, and have run into several questions and she appears to have a few health...