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  1. AbbysMom

    Push Notifications??

    Is this still happening for you? I did the "never ask again" on my desktop" just now and logged in and out a few times and it didn't come back.
  2. AbbysMom

    Anyway To Save Or Favorite Some Posts?

    Just a note that it looks like this is available now with the latest upgrade. I’m on my iPad and haven’t played with it, but it looks like each post has a bookmark option and then you can go into your profile and see your bookmarks.
  3. AbbysMom

    My favorite 'sad' emoji is gone?!?!

    This was a huge upgrade and there are definitely kinks that need to be worked out and it will take some time. I’m not sure what the answer is to this smiley, but fixing functionality needs to come first. Some issues have been mentioned in other threads, some people have sent PM’s and the Mods...
  4. AbbysMom

    I Couldn't Bear To Post This When It Happened

    Oh, your gorgeous boy! I'm so sorry. :grouphug: He was one of the original TCS kitties for me and always thought he was so handsome. :hearthrob: Rest in peace, Quill. :rbheart:
  5. AbbysMom

    Question Of The Day - Monday, October 7, 2019

    Hmmmmmmm.... scissors, rolls of scotch tape, nail files, nail clippers, tweezers, pens.... I'm sure there are more.
  6. AbbysMom

    Cold And Flu Season Is Here :(

    It's possible to feel a bit tired and sore after the shot. One year I did feel bad for about 36 hours. I went to bed and stayed there. I know of others that had the same issue that year. Having said that, I get the shot every year. I have asthma, so I'm at a higher risk. I've had the flu...
  7. AbbysMom

    Question Of The Day, Saturday 5th Of October.

    Waves on the beach, waterfalls, birds signing, owls hooting, gentle cow moos....little kitty mews....
  8. AbbysMom

    It's A Beautiful Day! - The Positive Thread 2019

    We had three old window air conditioners here that we've been needing to get rid of. We managed to get the very large heavy one down the stairs and into the truck and brought all three to be recycled. That big one was like an albatross and we are glad to be rid of it.
  9. AbbysMom

    Question Of The Day, Friday, October 4

    In most of the ones I use there are cameras right over the register. Also, if you do the self-scan, where you scan and bag while walking through the store, there are random audits. When you get to the register to pay if you are a random audit it calls for help and they randomly scan some of...
  10. AbbysMom

    It's A Beautiful Day! - The Positive Thread 2019

    I’m :runaround: but I’ve been able to cross of some of the really annoying things that have been on my to-do list forever.
  11. AbbysMom

    Question Of The Day, Friday, October 4

    Often, unless I have a huge order. Most of the time there are only a few “regular” lanes open and the lines are really long. My supermarket lets you scan your loyalty card near the door and you get your own portable scanner. You go through the store bagging and scanning as you go along and...
  12. AbbysMom

    Overdone Songs

    The Celine Dion one from Titanic. :hmmm:
  13. AbbysMom

    At What Point Have They Gone Too Far With Pumpkin Spice?

    Pumpkin hard cider. :thumbsup:
  14. AbbysMom

    At What Point Have They Gone Too Far With Pumpkin Spice?

    What I've been using - :hyper:
  15. AbbysMom

    Lasix For Pulmonary Cancer?

    On behalf of the site team, we are very sorry for your loss. :grouphug: Threads are closed after such a loss as a sign of respect. As Furballsmom mentioned, please do consider starting a memorial thread for Starla. Rest in peace sweet girl. :rbheart:
  16. AbbysMom

    Giving Vitamin B12 Shots

    Just a reminder that the topic of this thread is B-12 shots. :) Can we stay on topic please?
  17. AbbysMom

    Question Of The Day, Friday, September 27

    I think 5 for Kindergarten. My class was the first Kindergarten class in the town.
  18. AbbysMom

    Name Three Things - 2019

    Oh that isn't silly at all!
  19. AbbysMom

    What's For Dinner? - 2019

    Leftovers. The grocery store had shaved buffalo chicken, so I cooked some up with peppers and onions for sandwiches. We'll have that again tonight.
  20. AbbysMom

    What Are Some Of Your " Must Have " Cleaning Products?

    I've been starting to do a "Fall Cleaning" around the house and have been stocking up on some of my favorite cleaning products. Target was out of magic erasers yesterday. :sniffle: Thankfully, I still have a few, but those are a must have for me. Another must have for me are Clorox dust...