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  1. paul n steve

    One window, Two cats

    Well, I have my two brothers Steve and Paul. They share a window, but when Paul is in the window, Steve feels like he can just jump up there anytime and knock Paul away. He'll hiss too. But when Steve is in the window, Paul wouldn't ever attempt to try to jump up there.  It's awesome, it's in...
  2. paul n steve

    Runny eye

    I've got good news! When I got home from work at 9pm his eye wasn't watery anymore. It's fine now- Thank goodness 
  3. paul n steve

    Runny eye

    Thanks for the information! Thats the thing- he doesn't sneeze, or hasn't.I did read up on the internet after googling "cat has a watery eye" and got a lot of info. Luckily it just started this morning so I can keep track of it. All I want is to go home and check on my baby and wipe his eye :(...
  4. paul n steve

    Odd Behaviours

    You know what!! Why do cats do something 'embarrassing' and then when we laugh at them- do they know that they did something that made us laugh?! Do they understand laughter from us? I once read somewhere that when we laugh cats think thats aggressiveness. ?? When my cats do something funny...
  5. paul n steve

    Runny eye

    My cat Paul has one eye today that is runny and looks like he has been crying (out of his right eye) It looks like normal eye boogers, goober gathers in the corner along with a little runny tears. just more today than usual. I use warm water and soft toilet paper to gently wipe it off. Is it...
  6. paul n steve

    Odd Behaviours

    My two cats do the same thing! Sometimes I see them staring oddly at the floor, just transfixed.....then I realize when I look closer, it's a little bug or spider they see and are watching! My mom's cat Shirley, she does the dancing/twisting/turning/spinning crazies in the air when she plays...
  7. paul n steve

    Peeing on the carpet....WHY??!?!?!

    Yep! Sounds like Mia just had an accident and then she must have smelled the pee from earlier and just did it again at the same spot- GemsGem is right about making sure the smell of urine is gone and she shouldn't do it anymore! Maybe if you see her by that spot again and it looks suspicious you...
  8. paul n steve

    Random Heart Melting Photo Thread

    Oh THAT is cute ^
  9. paul n steve

    best food

    Ok- this just confirmed my doubts about dry food. I'm not going to switch all the sudden, but I'm slowly going to start introducing more wet foods into their diet. Right now, we use wet food as "treats" They get a can a day, usually in the morning. But we split one can between two cats, so...
  10. paul n steve

    Silver Steve & Paul Paul

    Thanks!  I love this forum, what a wonderful place we can all go and share our cat pictures and get great advice, I could be on here all day! (And some days I am- even at work lol)
  11. paul n steve

    Silver Steve & Paul Paul

    Had to add a few pictures of my sons!
  12. Silver Steve & Paul Paul

    Silver Steve & Paul Paul

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