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  1. recurringecho

    Not Being Able To Put Up Profile Picture/view Certain Pages

    To change my profile picture, I went on my profile page and clicked on my profile icon, but an error showed up saying "You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action." I tried looking for guides, but the pages I try to pull up show the same error pops up, or it shows that...
  2. recurringecho

    About Time I Said Hi!

    So hi there! How's everyone and the little kitties doing? Well, I hope! I've been lurking for several years before disappearing into the void due to life, but now that life's calming down a bit I've finally decided to poke my head out to take a looksee! I currently am attending college so I...
  3. recurringecho

    Dissolving taurine first?

    Hi guys! Is it okay to dissolve taurine powder in luke warm water first before mixing it into raw food? I've been trying to convert my cat to raw, and he refuses to eat it as soon as I add taurine and other vitamins in it. I read that taurine is tasteless, so I guess it's just the texture that...