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    Kitten Neutered, side effects

    I had my kitten Jelly Belly Bean (gosh he's 22-24 weeks old now, my memory isn't what it used to be) neutered today. All went well with him, I got the information about no feeding for up to two hours after I bring him home and no playing for 48 hours. Right now that doesn't seem to be a problem...
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    What are Soft Claws?

    I have been reading about these but am not sure I know exactly what these are. Are they covers for your cats claws? If so do they really work? Jelly doesn't scratch a whole lot but it might be nice for interactions with my 5 year old son (who will eventually learn to leave the poor kitten alone!).
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    Dog and kitten

    Hi all, I just joined this site and already I am posting a question. Let me give you some background first. I have a 5 yeard old Bernese Mountain dog mix (probably some spaniel in her). Bobbi (a female) has been with our family now for 2.5 years. She does not handle change well (when we moved...
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    Hi everyone! I am Saoirse (well that's what I go by on line). I have a 12 week old kitten named Jelly Belly Bean, who just lights up our family (well except for the dog, she's still not sure about him!). I joined so I could learn more about others with cats and get some new ideas.