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  1. Loving Mickey

    My Healing Kitty - Mittens

    My sweet precious Mittens! Why did you have to leave me? I keep asking myself that question over and over again. The problem is , I just don't know the answer. I suppose I will never know the answer. Yes , I called you and Shadow my healing kitties , since that is exactly what you both were. I...
  2. Loving Mickey

    Still Missing Mickey - Six Years Later

    My sweet , precious Mickey , how I miss you! I can hardly believe that six years has passed since you had to leave me. I said had , since I know you never would have left me if you had a choice. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you. I still cry daily over your loss. You were such a...
  3. Loving Mickey

    I am losing my baby, Mittens, and feel so lost and hopeless.

    Hello TCS family. I am not sure if anyone will remember me ,as I haven't posted in awhile. Life has not been good lately. I am now sitting here holding my precious Mittens. Tears are streaming down my face as I know I am losing him. To try to sum things up briefly , several months back I noticed...
  4. Loving Mickey

    Still Missing Mickey - Four Years Later

    Oh , Mickey I can hardly believe it has been four years since you had to leave me. I say had to. I know you never wanted to leave , but you were too ill to stay any longer. I don't ever want you to think I have forgotten you. That could never ever happen , not in a million years. Not a day...
  5. Loving Mickey

    So Worried About My Baby , Mittens

    As the title clearly states , I am so worried about my Mittens. I don't know what happened. He was fine , eating, playing, using the litter box. Suddenly, around 1 a.m. I am woken up to the sound of him vomiting. He hardly ever vomits, and if so, just tiny bits, sometimes a hairball. After ...
  6. Loving Mickey

    Still Missing Mickey - Three Years Later

    Oh, my precious Mickey, how much I miss you! I can hardly believe that three years has passed since you left me. Time seems to have stood still for me. I still miss you as much as ever , if not more , since that terrible night. I know it is supposed to get easier in time , but for me , that it...
  7. Loving Mickey

    Happy 4th Birthday Shadow!

    Shadow is four years old. He is such a good kitty, and so very loved! Happy Birthday my baby! Hope you enjoyed your day. Don't worry, Shadow will share his new cat tree (his birthday present) with his brother. They share everything! ! Shadow is greyish kitty. Mittens is the orange kitty.
  8. Loving Mickey

    Change My Avatar Picture

    Hi Everyone, This may seem like a dumb question. I wanted to change my avatar picture. Not sure how I put my avatar picture originally, it has been the same one since I first joined. Don't remember how to do it. If anyone can help, I would truly appreciate it. I always use mobile. Thanks in...
  9. Loving Mickey

    Still Missing Mickey Two Years Later

    Mickey, where do I start?? Tonight marks two years since I lost you. My heart is still broken over losing you. You were my very special kitty, and I loved you so much. I still love you just as much, and I still miss you, so much more than I ever thought possible. Your birthday just passed, on...
  10. Loving Mickey

    Happy Birthday Mittens

    Hi! Today is my Mittens birthday. I adopted him about 8 months ago. According to his records, he is 3 years old and the date wrote down for his birthday is October 20th, so I will go with that. Happy 3rd Birthday Mittens!! Happy Birthday Mittens! So happy you are now a huge part of our...
  11. Loving Mickey

    Still Missing Mickey One Year Later

    Today it is my precious Mickey's birthday. He would be 14 years old today. On July 8th of 2014, my Mickey passed away at home. I will never forget that terrible Tuesday night.I just held him in my arms as he slowly took his last breath. My baby was leaving me and there was nothing I could do...
  12. Loving Mickey

    A Friend For Shadow

    Hi Everyone, Just need some opinions. I recently adopted my cat Shadow. I now have him about 5 months and I love him alot. He has a very special place in my heart. He came into my life after losing my precious Mickey. He has really helped me cope with the pain over losing Mickey. Well Shadow...
  13. Loving Mickey

    Meet Shadow

    Hi Everyone, Many of you may remember that I lost my, precious Mickey back in July. I have since adopted a new cat named Shadow. Here are some pictures of my new baby.
  14. Loving Mickey

    Missing Mickey July 4 2001- July 8 2014

    Hi Everyone, My best friend and loved cat Mickey passed away on July 8 2014.It is now one week and I am still in tears.He was diagnosed with suspected colon cancer about a month ago.He had some good days.He was taking medication and still trying to eat and drink.He was still walking and...
  15. Loving Mickey

    Kidney failure or Something else?

    Hi Everyone, I am very worried about my cat.I was googling about different illnesses that may be wrong with him when I came across this site.I feel for everyone of you especially Miss Mindy and her fight with cancer. My cat means so much to me as well.He is about 12 years old now and has always...