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    Scaredy Cat

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    How many indoor cats do you have

    How many indoor cats do you have? 
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    Meet our new Beauty

    our and the our way
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    Happy 1st Birthday Twilight !!

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    water fountain

    Does anyone have any tricks to transition their cats to a water fountain? I bought a water fountain for my 3 cats and dog and I have only noticed my one cat drinking from it . She is my 1 cat who likes to drink from a dripping faucet which I gladly turn on for her as much as possible.  When I...
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    2 cats adopted from rescues. My dilemma is whether or not to have annual vaccinations done ???

    I had planned on taking both my dog Callie and my 2 year old cat to a low cost vaccination/spay clinic today for vaccinations . My vet does not recommend vaccinating more than every other year. He is the first vet in 30 years that I have ever heard say this to me. So since we skipped a year it...
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    I am in need of a non toxic ant remedy. I tried sprinkling cinnamon along the edges of the kitchen counter and that hasn't worked. I have these tiny ants. I have never seen ants this tiny before. They are mostly in my kitchen. However when I am laying in bed at night one or two of these tiny...
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    Post Pics Of Your Cat's favorite napping spot

    .  Hi, Although I know cat's can sleep just about any where but  where is your cat's favorite napping spot. Post pictures 
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    Hs Anyone Tried Honest Kitchen

    I was wondering if anyone has tried the Honest Kitchen Dehydrated food in either the chicken or the turkey? I have not bought it yet just curious before I do what others think of it and if it is a healthy food.
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    Meet Our New Friend Grumpy Cat

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    All Three

    Trinity on chair, Twilight on the rt. and Amber on the lt:rbheart:.
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    Trinity and teddy

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    Has this ever happened in your multi kitty household?

    Last night my Daughter and I went for a long drive. After working all day and then taking my daughter to an event that was over an hour away needless to say when we got home at 11:30  I was very tired and went straight to bed. In my haste to get to bed I did not realize that one of my kitties...
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    Maine Coon

    Hi meet Twilight . Could she be a Main Coon. She is 10 months old and she is small. I have read that Main Coons are big cats
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    :wavey: Hi meet Trinity . Is Trinity a Torbie, or possibly a Caliby?
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    Hi From Tampa Bay Florida

    Hi my name is Carla. I joined this site because I thought it would be something my 9 y/o old daughter Anna and I would enjoy doing together. She loves cats and video games and I would like to see her pursue her interest in cats more than video games and I am hoping that being a part of this...