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  1. sprin

    Behavior problems with my cat

    You can take your cat out for walks on a leash in your backyard and see if that gives her outdoor time that she enjoys but also lets you guys bond. There's nothing wrong with a cat on a leash as long as you're out there with her. It might be a good idea to just keep her inside for now otherwise...
  2. sprin

    I don't know what to do with my cats!

    I think it would be a better situation to keep the cats with you in your own room at grandmas then to leave them with your family who are neglectful, but neither situation is ideal. When you say your grandma has tried everything, what solutions do you mean? A lot of pet store solutions can be...
  3. sprin

    Calico ankle tagger

    It might just be that she has the bobtail gene and was born that way. As far as the ankle tapping, she may be bored. How often do you play with her?
  4. sprin

    My cat has turned into a monster!

    Poor Nugget! I would suggest taking him to a vet just to make sure there is nothing medically wrong with him. Sudden aggressive behavior can indicate a cat is in pain. This is a huge change for him, and dealing with that level of stress can make a cat more vulnerable to being sick. You want to...
  5. sprin

    PLEASE Help Me! My Rescue Cat is Attacking Me Aggressively Daily, Others Suggest Euthanasia but that

    Woah, I'm sorry your vet was so mean and unwilling to help. It honestly sounds like he doesn't know much about cat behavior if his go-to answer was euthanasia for a young, play-aggressive cat. A vet is going to see animals with behavior issues all day long, and they need to know how to address...
  6. sprin

    Why cats have tails? What are their tails for?

    I have one cat with a bobtail, very short like an inch or two long. I've observed the same thing with him not being able to jump as high as any of my other cats, even my other normal-tailed male cat of equal size and weight. Even though we adopted him during the first couple years of his life...
  7. sprin

    Unknown cat won't leave my house

    If the cat is a pretty good weight and doesn't seem sick I'd just leave it alone. It probably lives in a house nearby, and on it's adventures it found some nice humans and a nice porch to visit. There was a cat who lived on my college campus who would just prance into the dorm halls in the...
  8. sprin

    PLEASE Help Me! My Rescue Cat is Attacking Me Aggressively Daily, Others Suggest Euthanasia but that

    That's what Tony's like! That looks so painful. There's no shame in putting your cat in a different room when he's acting like that, or going in a different room yourself.  You can try hissing instead of saying "no" and see if he understands that better. Turning around and ignoring him after you...
  9. sprin

    PLEASE Help Me! My Rescue Cat is Attacking Me Aggressively Daily, Others Suggest Euthanasia but that

    I'm so sorry! That sounds awful. I don't have many suggestions. It seems like you're giving this cat a good home. I just wanted to say that I've been in a similar place with my cat. When I adopted Tony he would make me bleed by clawing me multiple times a day. It was painful and embarrassing to...
  10. sprin

    Torti holding us hostage....

    Separating her into another room and doing interactive play (with a fishing pole type toy or laser) everyday for around 15-30 minutes could tire her out so she doesn't turn that energy as much on the other cats. Also, playing with the other cats when she's seperated can make them feel more...
  11. sprin

    Do animals chose their owners?

    I think it is! Not with all cats, but sometimes you get that instant connection. With my cat Robin, she was an outside stray that my dad had been feeding for a while. He had been trying to get her to come closer to him, but she would just hide. The first time I went out to talk to her, she came...
  12. sprin

    Only pooping outside litter box

    I'm sorry you're having this issue, it can be really frustrating when a cat eliminates outside the box. I did read your original post and saw that he was checked by 3 different vets before I posted. What I meant in my post is that even the most thorough vet exam and blood testing can completely...
  13. sprin

    Semi-Feral Cat Won't Warm Up to Me

    It's good that she lays near you and isn't always hiding from you. You guys already have sort of a relationship, even if it's just a relaxing in the same room relationship. I haven't read through this whole thread yet, so forgive me if this has been suggested. But I bonded with my semi feral cat...
  14. sprin

    Only pooping outside litter box

    Has he always pooped outside of the litter pan or is this a behavior that started at some point while you had him? What is his diet like? What did the vet do to check it? Did they get a stool sample? My cat has inflammatory bowel disease, and it wasn't something they could see on her blood...
  15. sprin

    My cat keeps peeing on clothes I leave on my couch! Help!

    By cleaning the litter box, do you mean that you're only scooping out the poop and pee every 3 days? I would say if you have one litter box for your cat, you should be scooping it once or twice a day. You might consider getting a second litter box also to help her have more places to relieve...
  16. sprin

    Cat rolling in litter when clean OR soiled. HELP.

    I'm sorry you're having this issue! How many litter boxes do you have? If you only have one, I would definitely recommend getting 1 or 2 more. The usual suggestion is for 2 cats is to have 3 litter boxes. I also would say not to sanitize the box completely every day. Cats like to smell their own...
  17. sprin

    Older Feral Tortoise Shell Momma Cat Not Learning the LItter Box

    I agree with trying dirt from outside, or some litter/dirt mixture. Some cats don't like certain textures, so trying different litters in different boxes is good. How many litter boxes do you have? How many cats? I usually see the suggestion a litter box per cat plus 1 extra box.
  18. sprin

    Kitten is too clingy but too energetic!

    How do you play with her? I have a young cat who doesn't really play by himself at all, so I have to get a lot of his energy out by playing with him with fishing rod style toys. I also use fishing rod style toys to distract him when he's in the mood to go for my ankles.I have to really get him...
  19. sprin

    Cat trying to get my attention?

    It might be for the attention, but could it also be that he just like the way the chair feels to scratch? My cat usually likes to scratch at his post or board when we're done playing. You could try buying a cardboard scratcher and see how your cat likes that, two of my cats really like to...
  20. sprin

    Cat Regression After Foster Dog

    It's sweet you wanted to foster a dog, I'm sorry things aren't working out! I'm sure Ivy recognizes you, but has just turned to a sort of panicked survival mode. She's probably just so scared that she doesn't feel comfortable being vulnerable enough to spend time with you. She's probably playing...