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  1. erinroro

    Purple Cats Toolbar

    Somewhere I found a post that told me how to get purple color on my toolbars with cats sitting on the tool bars (I know that I am not using the correct terms and I apologize). I had this on my desktop until my husband updated our Firefox.... Now I can not remember where I found it..... Can...
  2. erinroro

    Do Cats get the Snuffles with Roundworm?

    I have a new rescue cat Raspy. Ever since I got him (2 wks ago) he has had 'a cold'. He snuffles a bunch and breathes through his mouth when I pet him and he is purring. He was neutered (I hate the castrate word!!) 10 days ago. I had told my vet about his breathing diffuculties, so he has be...
  3. erinroro

    Litter Robot II - Good Choice?

    My mother is 88 yrs old and has a cat (Bradey) that she rescued after my father died 5 yrs ago. She lives 600 miles from me in a wonderful retirement community, and I do go to visit her for a week every 2 months. She is very alert, but is not as faithful about cleaning the litter box as I...
  4. erinroro

    Sad Story - Would Like Your Opinion

    Hello. I am new here - and I am a cat lover. I currently have 9 indoor/outdoor cats and approx 7 outdoor (by their choice) cats - all strays that we have had spayed or neutered. Yesterday morning I went outside to feed the outdoor cats (and let any cat in who wanted in) and found one of my...