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  1. cutekittenkat

    New rescue cat is possibly pregnant

    So over just over 8 weeks ago, we rescued a young cat through a foster association who was about to be euthanized at the pound. They said that she wasn't spayed, but that they would make an appointment for her soon. A few days after we got her (this was mid october), I noticed that she had...
  2. cutekittenkat

    New rescue cat is possibly pregnant

    Hey everyone, So last week I picked up a young cat from a shelter, as she was about to be euthanized that afternoon. I was hoping to foster her for a while and hopefully find her a home. The shelter didn't tell me much about her, other than that she isn't spayed, but they're going to get her an...
  3. cutekittenkat

    new to site!! adopted pregnant cat:)

    It is possible but by the looks of the pics, the kitten furthest away looks like a torti, which would almost guarentee the little one to be a girl . If she is then you can use her to compare to the others- if not then just give it a couple of weeks and it may be a bit easier to tell. In any...
  4. cutekittenkat


    From what I know it is possible, but not very common Did you witness the birth? If so, I beleive that the two kittens would have been attached to the same placenta if they were truly identical. For two black kittens it is probably very unlikely- they probably just got similar genes. I've found...
  5. cutekittenkat

    What symptoms did your cat show right before giving birth?

    I don't think that people are trying to be rude, more or less they want to educate. The reason that people are saying these things is because they are cat lovers and we all hate the harsh reality that thousands and thousands of cats and kittens are killed each day because there just aren't...
  6. cutekittenkat

    Cats in the Sunlight - Picture of the Month Contest

    Spring and Ebony sleeping in the sun
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  8. cutekittenkat

    Lily had her kittens!!

    Thanks for all the responses guys! I'll definatly keep you all updates with pictures! Thanks for the info! That chart was really interesting. I wonder how all of the tabbies ended up being brown tabbies when she's definatly a blue tabby... And we're fostering so Lily and the babies will go...
  9. cutekittenkat

    Lily had her kittens!!

    So last night at around midnight our foster  Lily went into labor! She was a little nervous and kept trying to curl up in my lap, poor little girl... Anyways, I brought her over to her box and she lay down right away and I just stayed and petted her. The labor moved really fast and just after 1...
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  15. cutekittenkat

    Lily is going to be a mom any day now!

    I swear I thought today was the day! She's been nesting around like crazy, but no babies yet! Here are a few new pics from today: What a sweetie! What a big belly!
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