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    What can i add to food

    What can I add to my cats food to help with vomiting. I have 7 cats and one is on prednisolone. it has helped some but not completely. He gets egg lecithin twice a day. Dry food twice a day and wet food twice a day. If they throw up its within 20 minutes of eating and they almost always want...
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    Anyone Use Spirulina?

    I was told its good for cats who have the herpes virus. But I have never heard of it.
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    Lysine For Cats?

    I recently had to change brands of Lysine as Tomlyn has been out of stock. I purchased the NOW brand but it's not working. Zanes eyes are getting all goopy. He has gotten flares before. but this time it doesn't seem to want to go away. what's the difference in these too? I had always stuck with...
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    Any Feeding Ez Complete?

    First off I have 7 cats. So it's hard to no for sur . But I'm trying to transition one of my cats off RC urinary so to ez complete. One if them had diarrhea. I suspect its him. Anyones cat not able to eat EZC? Before transitioning. He was getting some FF one scoop of dry and some RC. Im slowly...
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    Soft Poop Related To Food?

    How long do you think it takes to go away. If it was wet food related? I hate trying to feed more canned food. As it always seems to cause problems. Trying to add new flavors and brands. But at least one cat has diarrhea. :( I started giving alli the Royal canin urinary so pate and it may be...
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    Costco Pork Loin?

    Anyone use the Costco pork loin? Its $1.99 a pound. I usually cut it up for chops and roast. But can I use all of it to mix with ez complete?
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    Rotating Canned Food?

    What's the best schedule of feeding canned food? They are now on dry at 7am and wet at 2pm, 6pm and 11 PM. They just got over clostridium and not knowing what caused it. I'm trying to figure out the best feeding rotation. They say to rotate proteins. But is it better or worse giving them so many...
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    Egg Lecithin Vs Egg Yolks Powder?

    Has anyone tried both of these and found one to work better for hairballs?
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    Cats Not Eating Canned Food After Dry

    I need to give my cats more wet food. But they are on scheduled feedings and have the same food at the same time. Some will eat. But some will not and look at me like why are we eating this. It's not what we get at this time. Any tips?
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    Homemade Broth?

    Anyone make homemade broth for their cats. Do I just boil chicken and give them the water used? Cooled of course
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    My Cats Have Clostridium

    What are the causes of this? They have been throwing up and have diarrhea. The vet said it is contagious. My dd searched and said its food poisoning. How do I know what it came from and worried about all the fancy feast I have. What about the dry food. Do I need to throw stuff out? They gave...
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    What Can I Feed Sick Cats?

    My cats started getting sick on friday. Throwing up and vomiting. They were eating FF twice a day. dry twice a day. Im trying to see if its the food. I made chicken breast in my pressure cooker for lunch today. What else can i feed them? It just needs to be temporary to see if I can get the...
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    Diarrhea On Fancy Feast?

    Zane started getting sick Friday. Slow to eat. Watery diarrhea and vomiting. Felt better last night. Then wouldn't eat lunch. But ate tonight. Now I just found a few piles of diarrhea in the boxes. I'm sure they probably all aren't from Zane. So far the other cats are feeling fine. There has...
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    Royal Canin So?

    Anyone know why the canned version doesn't have DL-methionine? Its supposed to dissolve crystals but what is it in the canned formula? My vet only has canned til their order comes in. Debating getting RC or SD.
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    Dl-methionine Tablets?

    Has anyone used this to dissolve crystals instead of buying prescription food?
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    Prescription Food For Crystals?

    Crystal's? There a difference between science diet and royal canin? Or more of what your cat will eat? Alli is eating purina one uth. But still licking his gentials. So looking at getting the prescription food. My vet sells RC. But they didnt have any. And trying to get it sooner.
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    Chewy Autoship?

    authorship? Use chewys authorship? It says you save 5-10% of every order on select brands. Anyone know if and how much fancy feast would be?
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    Amazon Fancy Feast Prices?

    Oddly the 2 flavors of classic pate I have been ordering have increased. While I see others haven't yet. I'm wondering if prices are not the same for everyone. What prices do you see?
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    Urinary So Substitute?

    Found out Alli has struvite crystals. The bag of urinary so is $75 on chewy. Oddly the cans are more on chewy then the vets office :/ What does that RC have that shrinks the crystals?
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    Alli Has Crystals

    Got Alli back in and they were able to get some urine. They are sending out for culture. But say he has a lot of struvite crystals in his urine. So that was causing the licking. So he is currently eating canned food twice a day. About 3 ounces. And dry food twice a day. Recently changed from...