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  1. kmoulus

    Cbd Oil For Speedy

    Yesterday y vet prescribed CBD oil for SPeedy. She is almost 18 years old and has a number of health problems, but the CBD oil is for possible arthritis or joint pain She has some symptoms hat make us think she may be having pain in her hind legs. She will take two drops in the morning and two...
  2. kmoulus

    Gabapentin For Cystitis/bladder Spasms?

    Quick summary from my previous thread: Speedy has been to see the vet twice in the last two months for UTI. Last week's urinalysis was terrible with lots of blood and the ultrasound showed thickened bladder wall, indicating irritation. But the culture came back negative, there is no infection...
  3. kmoulus

    Hcm/chf Cat With With Uti + Constipation

    Hi. I hate to start a new thread, I know these are two of the most frequent topics. I have read many threads and can't find an answer to a couple of questions, so here we go... Speedy is 17+ years old with advanced cardiac disease, stable on medication for many years but underweight. After a...
  4. kmoulus

    low sodium foods *and treats* for CHF?

    Hi. I'm new here, I discovered you guys when my little Speedy started having health problems in the last few weeks.  Wish I was here for a happier reason. Speedy has been diagnosed with pretty serious congestive heart failure, the cardiologist thinks she has 9 months, maybe 12 if she does well...