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  1. alexis keefe

    Why are my cats eating the ants?

    Why do my cats continue to eat the ants that they find around the house? Can this be harmful to them? What if the ant that they eat has eaten poison from an ant trap, can this harm the cat?
  2. alexis keefe


    Hello!  My name is Alexis & I am new here.  I thought I would introduce myself & my 5 cats.  I have one 15yr old male that is part maine coon.  And I have four females: a 15yr old, two sisters that are seven & a 4 yr old that looks like a little lynx.  They are my world & they bring me great...
  3. alexis keefe

    sexual kneading normal?

    My spayed, middle aged girl cat mounts her sister.  And in a reverse position aggressively kneads her.  The sister doesn't like it.  And I feel that it isn't natural or appropriate, so I stop it.  Why is my cat doing this?  Is it sexual?  Is it natural or is it perverted?  Should I not intervene?