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  1. Cupcake_Luv

    Soft Paws?

    Anyone use them?
  2. Cupcake_Luv

    Will My Bengal Change Her Coloration?

    My little sweetie is 14 weeks. Im not sure what her background color would be described as? I was hoping someone here would know. Also is her color going to change as she grows up? I love her, and she's a cutie but was just curious. Thank you!!;)
  3. Cupcake_Luv

    Another Question About Feeding?

    Hey all! Being a new cat mom. I have a lot of questions. So I apologize in advance. When I adopted my kitten she was being fed Sheba pate wet food and royal canin persian dry. She is a Bengal so I'm a little confused why she was eating the persian royal canin dry food. I have just finished...
  4. Cupcake_Luv

    Am I Feeding Kitten Too Much Or Not Enough?

    I really don't think I'm feeding her too little she has quite the belly. Concerned I may be feeding her too much. I give her 1.32 oz of wet food 3 x a day and a total of 1 cup dry a day. She eats everrrything! Basically I feed her 3x a day wet. Breakfast lunch and dinner and leave dry food to...
  5. Cupcake_Luv

    New Kitty Mama

    Hi, cat lovers! I am a new cat owner to my little cupcake. She is 13 1/2 weeks old. We've had her for almost 2 weeks. The first few nights she would meow all night, now she's mostly quiet at night. She now prefers to sleep in my . She loves to play! She's clouds of fun. She has a huge...