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  1. __Dina__

    2 yr old siblings cats (neutered male and spayed female) cannot get along

    ive had them since they were like 5 or 6 months old and they've always been together. the main problem is that my boy cat bothers my girl cat. she will be doing her own thing and then he will just calmly walk up to her and "attack" her from behind. she ALWAYS runs away and never engages with his...
  2. __Dina__

    how to switch to a food you know your cat will like?

    Im just wondering if there is any resource out there that says "if your pet likes this brand and this flavor, they will also like Y brand and Z flavor". Like, my cats absolutely love "Wellness CORE Signature Selects Shredded Boneless Chicken & Chicken Liver" which is fine by me but i was...