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    I need help

    Individually they were doing fine. But the second we tried re introducing, it was immediately violent. To a degree that even surprised my vet. And he ended up reccomending rehoming. :(
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    I need help

    Hello everyone, I posted a while back about my two cats getting into a nasty fight and working with a behavioral vet/medicating them to try and fix this. Long story short, it didn't work. 1000$ plus and 4 months of my life ended in TWO more fights. So very sadly, I'm having to rehome one...
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    Low neutrophils?

    I don't know your entire situation, but those neutrophils are slightly higher than my cat's who the vet said not to worry about. So I don't think they are of concern unless they've dropped suddenly and this is your cat's "low"
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    Low neutrophils?

    Thank you! :) And yes! Thats why I updated. Because maybe someone will be searching on this thread and find it and feel some relief as well.
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    Low neutrophils?

    Fun update if anyone sees this and is curious... Saw another vet specialist (unrelated to the labs) who is very experienced in the field and he told me it's common and non concerning particularly in indoor cats. Less general exposure than outdoor kitties get to boost those levels.
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    I was wondering if anyone else had adverse effects with their cat on it? My catcwas prescribed Reconcile (brand for the fluoxetine) by her behavior consult vet. He had warned me that RARELY constipation and urine retention were side effects. It took her 4 days on a LOW dose to get both...
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    How did you get your kitty or kitties?

    Both were feral born kittens that someone found and decided I looked like I needed them 😂❤️
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    What do i do?

    So I saw the behavior vet. It went incredibly well. He really gave me a game plan. BUT ideally it's going to involve moving apartments. My ground floor apartment windows are literally ground level. And even with film on the windows, I just saw a cat shadow go by and shake them up a little. Not...
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    What do i do?

    I've posted here before regarding reintroducing my cats after some redirected aggression causing a big fight (seeing a cat outside). That was about a month ago. I followed the re introduction steps and I'm still taking it slow. But the past week they have been so GOOD. I wasn't leaving them...
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    2023 Feline Birthday/Gotcha Day

    I have Callie (tabby) who is (almost) 11 years old. I got her when I was 16 as a feral kitten. And she is 14 lbs, super chatty, and one of the kindest cats you'll ever meet. I got her July of 2012 T (aka Toph) is my little fluffy black cat. She is 4, 8 lbs and is TROUBLE (T is also for...
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    Cat meowing and yowling all night- it’s driving us insane!

    Getting neutered will help big time!! But I understand needing sleep NOW. Ask your vet about meds? Short term ones. Benadryl is (typically) safe and a sedative in right doses. Might not hurt to ask 😅
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    Looking for support and words of advice

    I feel for you. It's so HARD to not get overly emotional. I'm so guilty. We love them so much and it's hard to not obsess. BUT you have to, for your sake and his breathe a little. You've had him to the vet 6 times. If something crazy was going on, they would absolutely point it out. You're...
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    How old is this cat?

    I have no clue but OMG he is PRECIOUS.
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    Please talk me off this introduction ledge

    17?? Wow! My bigger one is 14 lbs and the other is 8 lbs. And I thought 14 was STURDY. And yes!! It's something I've had to work HARD on. Making sure I'm feeling stable before i put them together so they aren't just feeding off of my fear. Its taken over 3 weeks and a medication change for me...
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    Please talk me off this introduction ledge

    I'm not familiar with zyklene! But I'm glad to hear it's helping. Mine is on the 50mg 2x a day as well. But she's kinda small so the 100 hits her a little TOO hard. And I do see some kitty future peace thanks to the meds largely. I definitely don't think meds would be a bad idea for your new...
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    Low neutrophils?

    This does make me feel better. Especially to hear that they're 10 and thriving. I guess we all have our own normal! It's just a little scary. Especially after she tossed the FIV FeLV words out. But very thankfully not the case. She is also a feral. But one I got as a kitten. So it's always hard...
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    Banfield Pet Hospital

    I don't know much about Banfield, but maybe hold off and see your regular vet unless it seems urgent. Another great option is the VCA offices if you have one nearby. They often have 24/7 ERs and are amazing. Their ER is how I found them and now use them as my primary vet.
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    Garlic :(

    They really are like sneaky children. I'm sorry he got into that. You did the right thing and handled it. I had one of mine eat an entire chive plant and she is totally fine years later after a few days of vomiting and me monitoring. I hope everything goes well 🤞
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    Please talk me off this introduction ledge

    Hi! I'm in the middle of a similar situation. My two females got in a gnarly fight due to some redirected aggression and I've also had poor luck with standard reintroduction. But it does sound like you are doing great. The door feeding didn't work. But I got a large dog crate that i got them...
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    Low neutrophils?

    I just recently had labs done on my 4 year old cat. She's also spayed. They were all very normal aside from her neutrophil count. She was around 1800. She is FeLV and FIV negative. So the vet doesn't seem terribly concerned. What can this mean? And is it semi common or likely to cause future...