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  1. parisinthe30sx

    Canned Food Recommendations

    Hi. My cats are very very picky, I think I've tried every canned food known to man with zero luck. So I'm wondering, Which canned food do you feed your kitties? I'm trying to find something that isn't fish or chicken as some of them have allergies. Right now I'm feeding friskies turkey pate...
  2. parisinthe30sx

    True Cat Obesity

    Hi. I have a 3yr old black and white female kitty, she was a stray that had kittens in my front yard. After she was spayed she started to slowly gain weight regardless of her diet. Her kittens were adopted, and I've been updated on their progress and they too are very large. She had all kinds of...
  3. parisinthe30sx

    Suckling Behavior

    Hi. My 3 year old male cat (only male with 6 females, the poor thing) has been trying to suckle on his sister. He used to do this when he was younger, about a year old. He wasn't taken from his mother early, I kept momma also, and she didn't wean them completely until they were about 16 weeks...
  4. parisinthe30sx


    Hi. So I've been doing TNR for a few weeks at my husbands workplace, one kitty I'm trying to find a home for is incredibly friendly so I couldn't just release her back. She was spayed (was pregnant though not far along) and within a week of her surgery she started to get a sore on her noes. The...
  5. parisinthe30sx

    Garfield litter?

    Has anyone tried Garfield litter? I saw some at the store, It's white colored so you can monitor urine,very fine particles and is biodegradable and flushable. It says it's 100% cassava and corn based. It sounds like it might be worth a try. Does anyone have any experience with it?
  6. parisinthe30sx

    is crystal litter dangerous?

    I was doing some research about crystal litter. my cat has pododermatitis(pillow foot) and found that since silica dust is extremely drying, (which is obviously why it works really well) it exacerbated her condition. I didn't even think about it being a problem until it turned into one. So it's...
  7. parisinthe30sx

    New orijin food= not impressed

    My cat missy has been on Orijen regional red dry food for over a year. I have tried to switch her off of dry completely without any success. I've tried dehydrated raw, raw, homemade,so many canned food brands I can't even list them all, she will touch none of it, but I digress... Orijin has...
  8. parisinthe30sx

    post spay question

    Hi. My foster kitty was spayed a couple hours ago, I noticed a few minutes ago that she had a little blood in her urine and a little bloody vaginal discharge. She's acting normal albeit a little wobbly from the anesthesia. She wanted food right away. I'm just a bit worried about the bleeding, I...
  9. parisinthe30sx

    Another litter or spay/abort?

    If anyone is familiar with pregnant cats,maybe you can help me. The foster I'm taking care of had a litter of 5, 11 weeks ago, kittens are in another foster home. I'm supposed to wait until mommas milk dries up before I can fix her. She's been apart from her babies for about a week. I was...
  10. parisinthe30sx

    terrific tuxedos!

    Not sure if there's a thread dedicated to tuxedos already, but I thought I'd start this anyway. Post pictures/stories of your terrific tuxedos! This is my new foster Esme, she had four kittens and is now looking for a home of her own!
  11. parisinthe30sx

    momma and four kittens!

    I'm not sure where to post this, but here it goes. I recently had a momma cat and her four (stinkin adorable) kittens adopt me. I finally found a rescue willing to take them! Momma is quite shy though friendly, I evicted my husband from his man cave so currently they are living in luxury amongst...
  12. parisinthe30sx

    momma cat still looks preggo!

    I have been feeding a momma cat and kittens for about three weeks, her kittens look about 6 weeks old. I've been trying to find a rescue to take them but alas no luck. I'm a bit worried about momma, she gave birth weeks ago and still has a huge...
  13. parisinthe30sx

    four kittens!!

    So, I've been caring for a beautiful tuxedo kitty. One day she just showed up on my doorstep with four kittens about 5weeks old in tow. I have called pretty much every rescue, and vet in my area. I'm at a loss. I currently have another cat in my spare room whom I adopted, trying to get her...
  14. parisinthe30sx

    cat ate carpet

    Hi all, so last night I awoke to my cat bullet vomiting, he threw up about every 20 mins for four hours. First it was tubular shaped undigested food, then just bile and white foam. He's strictly indoor, no chemicals, plants etc. I did notice a few strings of the plastic part from underneath the...
  15. parisinthe30sx

    best wormer meds

    Hi everyone, I'm sure this topic has come up numerous times, but I had a question about wormer medications. My cat has had diarrhea(now bloody) for about a week.She also threw up this morning. She still acts completely normal, plays, eats, etc. I know my kitties had roundworms a few months ago...
  16. parisinthe30sx

    white kittens

    My vet received a litter of adorable kittens. Two of them are Orange, one is a tortie, two are pure white with two different colored eyes, right is blue left is gold/green. They are all absolutely gorgeous and In need of a forever home. They are about 10 weeks in my estimation, I'm not an expert...
  17. parisinthe30sx

    Cat Needs a Home

    If anyone lives in Georgia and is interested, there's a black smoke cat I'm trying to find a home for, he's huge 15lbs+ his name is copious and he's 7. Total sweetheart. He has green eyes and on his right eye the green is outlined in bright red, neatest eye color I've ever seen.If anyone is...
  18. parisinthe30sx

    black smoke cat

    I'm not sure where to put this thread but here it goes, if anyone lives in Georgia USA, there is a beautiful, huge (about 15lbs+)black smoke cat. He has seagreen eyes, on his right eye he has what the rescue calls"ring of fire". His green eye is outlined in a bright reddish color, it's the...
  19. parisinthe30sx

    cat with short tail

    I have been feeding a stray cat for about a year. He's very smart and hard to catch.he somehow gets the food out of the trap without actually going in. I guess he just uses his paws while internally laughing at me. I've made some progress recently with him and I'm going to give it another go...
  20. parisinthe30sx

    domestic Gray or Russian blue?

    This is Princess. She's 3 years old. Her mother was so beautiful. She looked exactly like a Russian blue. She disappeared one day, before I could catch her unfortunately. I have three of her daughters. The other two are typical Brown& black tabby and a silver and white tabby and absolutely...